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For lore pertaining to the Main Universe (SNES F-Zero, BS Grand Prix 1 & 2, F-Zero X, F-Zero GX, F-Zero AX, F-Zero Maximum Velocity and other Main Universe related content), see Main Universe Lore.

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Other things to note are that F-Zero GP Legend (GBA game) and F-Zero Climax do not follow the anime's events strictly. They are both loosely based off the anime.

F-Zero GP Legend (GBA game) was released in Japan only 8 episodes into the anime's original air time, and a lot of the story mode elements do not line up with the events in the anime.

F-Zero Climax does not even fit on a timeline even though it is based on the anime. It is a game that does not have an active story mode or anything, and functions more like an average ‘jump in and go play’ racing game. It came out after the anime ended, yet still has some oddities with its pilot profiles, plot claims in the Anime episode recaps included in the game, and character appearances that don't make much sense.

F-Zero Farukon Densetsu Grade School also doesn't have enough known scans (there's 8 issues total, however) to determine anything about the manga, other than the fact that it is a DEFINITE spin-off parody of the Anime. The premise revolves around child versions of Andy Summer (Captain Falcon) and Ryu Suzaku, and may possibly feature other Anime incarnations and Anime characters.

F-Zero Farukon Densetsu / Legend of Falcon (Anime)


The sides of Light and Dark (or Good and Evil) have been fighting for the sake of the universe, either to save and preserve it or ultimately destroy it and start anew.

Realizing they could not truly defeat each other without something to tip the scales in their own favor, the side of Light would depend on ‘The Savior Of The Universe.’ The side of Dark, possibly foreseeing that this would happen, would conjure up their own tiebreaker. The side of Light, which would come in the form of Captain Falcon, VS the side of Dark, which would come in its own form of Black Shadow.

Creation of the Reactor Mights

When the Big Bang occurred, powerful objects called Reactor Mights were also created. These Reactor Mights were crucial in the battle for the universe. If someone obtains all the Reactor Mights, the fate of the universe is in their hands.

Reactor Mights, when combined with F-Zero machines, give the machine the ability to use Boost Fire, a very powerful technique that can either make or break a pilot. It is revealed that there are just three ‘brother’ machines that can utilize Reactor Mights properly; The Blue Falcon (Light / Captain Falcon), the Black Bull (Dark / Black Shadow), and the Dragon Bird (The Savior / Ryu Suzaku).

The Blue Falcon and Dragon Bird use Boost Fire. In contrast, the Black Bull uses Black Fire, an evil and seemingly more powerful version of Boost Fire. Black Fire can create a vortex that sucks in anyone within range, sending them to a realm called Dark Space, which is literally what it sounds like; a dark space, full of evil energy. However, other machines can utilize their own variation of Boost Fire through a Reactor Might, in the case of Blood Falcon's Blood Hawk using Blood Fire. Zoda’s machines (the Anime Death Anchor and Hyper Death Anchor) would go be another example, if the Reactor Might was not infused in his stomach by Black Shadow.

Zoda, through the use of his Reactor Might, ws also capable of immobilizing anyone standing close, or within his grasp at least. He has used the Reactor Might to even try and trigger memories of both Ryu and Miss Killer (Misaki Haruka, Ryu’s girlfriend who was brainwashed by Black Shadow).

Black Shadow's Plan

Since Ryu Suzaku is Captain Falcon’s key to the side of Light winning the battle, Zoda was created by Black Shadow (pre-2196) and sent back to the past (Ryu’s past before he endured coldsleep, Year 2051) to kill Ryu.

Seeing as how Zoda failed, thanks to Ryu somehow barely surviving his encounter and being put into coldsleep, Black Shadow had another backup plan.

Through a tip off by one of Zoda’s former associates, the New York police of 2051 would set up a trap at the East Bank. Misaki Haruka, driven by grief at the loss of her beloved Ryu, showed up unexpectedly to shoot Zoda but was also caught in the trap. Zoda and Haruka would awaken in the future by Dark Million (an organization led by the Anime incarnation of Black Shadow). Zoda was made to believe he was from the past, while Haruka (as Miss Killer) was made to believe she was from the present time (2201 is when she presumably awoke from coldsleep) and believing that she served Dark Million since she was born.

Revealed Secrets and Other Things

Please note again that canon names and elements refer to their Anime incarnations only.

  • Bart Lemming,' owner of the Falcon House, is actually Captain Falcon, whose true identity is Andy Summer (the older brother of Jody Summer) and was supposedly dead after an incident involving Zoda, Dark Million, and the Galaxy Police three years before 2201. He was thought to be dead as Falcon when he was sucked into a Dark Space vortex with Blood Falcon on the planet tank, but emerged with a temporary disguise of a Dark Million henchman named Berserker. He, as Captain Falcon, would truly die after unleashing a Falcon Punch that killed both him and Black Shadow on the Dark Star.
  • Mighty Gazelle is Clank Hughes’ father, Roy Hughes, whose brain was preserved by Dark Million after the transport ship incident on the planet Heru in the year 2196. He was later revived by Dr. Stewart as a cyborg in the year 2202, and had technical difficulties as he was partially brainwashed by Dark Million. He later seemingly regained his old human body in the year 2207
  • Jody Summer is a cyborg, having lost parts of her body after her brother (Andy) took the majority of the blast from Zoda's rocket launcher three years before 2201.
  • Samurai Goroh has a wife (Lisa Brilliant), and while the two are married and have the same round of bandits working for them, they do not get too involved in each other's business.
  • Zoda is a creation by Black Shadow, sent back to Ryu’s original time to stop him, and finds out about this in the bio lab he comes across on the (Anime incarnation only) planet Lightning.
  • Misaki Haruka was brainwashed into becoming Miss Killer and only remembers her true past through Zoda’s Reactor Might, eventually snapping out of her Miss Killer state and tries to actually help Ryu and the rest of the Task Force. She ends up becoming the new manager of the Falcon House in the year 2207.

Falcon Punch and the End of Black Shadow

Ultimately, Black Shadow wants to obtain all of the Reactor Mights, put them in his Dark Matter Reactor, and throw the entire universe into darkness. Ryu and Falcon are the ones who bring his schemes to an end. Captain Falcon (Andy Summer) ejects himself from the Blue Falcon and delivers a fatal (fatal because it kills himself and Black Shadow) Falcon Punch to Black Shadow, saving the universe and finally ending the long battle of Light VS Dark (or Good VS Evil).

Ryu and Haruka have their happily ever after by the end of the series, as Ryu emerges as the new Captain Falcon and is seen along with some of the rest of the cast in a new Grand Prix just a few years later. At this time in the year 2207, everyone had become six years older since the beginning of the anime's events in the year 2201.

The Anime ends with a cryptic ‘To Be Continued…?’ message, that seems meaningless, as it has been well over 16 years since the Anime released, as of this page's writing. There have been no known plans to continue the Anime, let alone the games for its Universe, nor the entire F-Zero series as a whole.

F-Zero GP Legend (GBA game)

Released only 8 episodes into the anime's original JP airtime, the F-Zero GP Legend game does not offer much to the lore. It offers a story mode consisting of 8 Anime incarnation / Anime pilots, but each of their stories have elements that completely clash with the Anime's establishments.

F-Zero Climax

Released after the Anime had ended, F-Zero Climax was released, but does not offer any story mode or anything worth really mentioning on this page. Its pilot profiles offer odd or contradictory information than what was given in the Anime. While it offers episode recaps, there are things that were not mentioned within the Anime that ended up in the recaps somehow. Allegedly; Goroh providing a name of Kojiro to Ryu in Lap 4, and that Haruka was frozen specifically due to being mistaken as one of Zoda's henchwomen in 2051.

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