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Other things to note are that F-Zero GP Legend (GBA game) and F-Zero Climax do not follow the anime's events strictly. They are both loosely based off the anime.

F-Zero GP Legend (GBA game) was released in Japan only 8 episodes into the anime's original air time, and a lot of the story mode elements do not line up with the events in the anime. It also has no given time, but its story mode events may have possibly occurred at some point in 2201. Just not connected to the Anime nor Climax.

F-Zero Climax does not even fit on a timeline even though it is based on the anime. It is a game that does not have an active story mode or anything, and functions more like an average ‘jump in and go play’ racing game. It came out after the anime ended, yet still has some oddities with its pilot profiles, plot claims in the Anime episode recaps included in the game, and character appearances that don't make much sense.

F-Zero Farukon Densetsu Grade School also doesn't have enough known scans (there's 8 issues total, however) to determine anything about the manga, other than the fact that it is a DEFINITE spin-off series from the Anime. The premise revolves around child versions of Andy Summer (Captain Falcon) and Ryu Suzaku, and may possibly feature other Anime incarnations and Anime characters.

Notes: The 2202 section may be extremely long and may require clean up.

F-Zero Farukon Densetsu (Anime)


  • Ryu Suzaku, an F1 racer and cop from New York, was supposed to propose to his girlfriend, a race queen named Misaki Haruka.
  • Sometime before the intended proposal, it was through Ryu’s friend, an officer named Rose, that Haruka met Ryu and it was love at first sight. Ryu grew attracted to Haruka little by little over time, and even when he lost races, Haruka was there to make his bitter losses into sweet motivation. On the day that Ryu intended to propose to his beloved, his plans and life were cut short following an encounter with the recently escaped criminal known as Zoda.
  • Misaki Haruka, driven by grief over the loss of Ryu (who was put into coldsleep), pursued Zoda against Rose’s wishes. Unbeknownst to Zoda, a former associate betrayed him and tipped off the New York police of his next heist at the East Bank. A trap was set for Zoda, but Haruka was a victim as well. So Ryu and Haruka were revived 150 years later. Zoda, however, was revived earlier (145 years later instead, for Zoda).
    • The anime states Zoda was awoken 5 years prior to 2201, so that would be 2196. Ryu awoke in 2201. Haruka’s time is uncertain, but it may be 2201 as Haruka’s (as Miss Killer) machine is seen as early as Episode 8 which takes place in 2201.


  • Mankind and aliens had first contact. Other planets would soon follow. 30% of Earth’s species have been aliens since then.


  • Note for why Silver Neelsen was probably 27 at this time. It is his given age of 97 minus the 70 years that passed in Neelsen’s flashbacks in Episode 14. The reason why the non-flashback parts of Lap 14 are very likely to be in the year 2202, is because the cast was celebrating Christmas in Episode 12, which implies episodes after that point took place in the year 2202. The first official sighting of the year 2202 is seen in Episode 16.
  • Silver Neelsen was possibly 27 in the year 2132, racing along his rival Anthony Ropkin. Neelsen crashed during his training, prior to the actual race. Anthony, wondering where Neelsen was during the real race, would have a serious incident of his own. An oil spill on the track from another machine led to a flaming end for Anthony’s machine. He was put into coldsleep.
    • In the Anime Universe, F-Zero seems to have been around for quite some time.
    • There is one photo of interest from one of Bart's Classroom segments that depicts Captain Falcon, a young Silver Neelsen, Mr. Zero, Black Shadow, and a young Anthony Ropkin all posing in a group shot. It seems to be around this time in the past, and ‘Bart’ says it’s from the very first F-Zero Grand Prix, which he remembers fondly.
      • Please do not think too hard about the implications of that last statement. Perhaps, the photo was never meant to be taken seriously.
      • Odd note: The announcer depicted in Silver Neelsen’s flashback was not Mr. Zero, despite the fact that Bart states Mr. Zero was at the first Grand Prix, and that Mr. Zero will attend any race.


  • Stated in the anime, 5 years prior to 2201, Black Shadow and Dark Million broke into Alcatrand, a coldsleep installation for criminals, thus reviving Zoda. The planet itself has no known name, but was revealed to be Zoda’s secret hideout when Jody went back to look for clues in Lap 9.
  • Dr. Stewart also tells Ryu of an event that occurred 5 years prior to 2201. On the planet Heru, a transport ship exploded. Upon further investigation, it was revealed to be a Dark Million smuggling operation with Black Shadow overseeing it. Captain Falcon was said to be responsible for the explosion. The Galaxy Police arrived on the scene and the only survivor’s final words was “There was a blue machine.”
    • Despite the F-Zero poster in Clank's room that says 2204 on it in the same episode (Lap 11) where this is explained by Dr. Stewart's recap, Lap 12 (the Christmas Episode) confirms it is still the year 2201 in the present day. It is only after Lap 12 that the year presumably becomes 2202 after Lap 12. By Lap 16, the year is officially shown as 2202.
  • The truth about the Heru transport ship explosion (revealed later on) is that Clank's father, Roy Hughes, encountered Falcon in a Dark Million base. Roy, who was undercover as a spy for the Galaxy Police, was questioned by Falcon. The brief encounter gave Zoda time to come across the two and point out Roy’s ‘betrayal’ to him (Zoda). As Roy engaged in a struggle with Zoda, he was shot but still had enough time to tell Falcon (who Roy finally recognized as Andy Summer) to escape while setting off a bomb. Only Roy’s brain remained intact since then.


  • Stated in the anime, 3 years prior to 2201, Jody Summer lost her brother Andy in a battle between the Galaxy Police and Zoda. Andy had sacrificed himself to save Jody by diving on top of her to shield her from a blast from Zoda’s rocket launcher. Jody would suffer critical damage, saved by Dr. Stewart, but having almost half her body replaced by cyborg parts. Andy, however, was definitely dead. The Galaxy Police was in possession of Andy’s body in a pod, but the body somehow went missing over time when Jody went back to check in 2202.


  • F-ZERO has replaced F1 as racing entertainment. Here, Ryu awakens in ‘present-day’ New York, now known as Mute City.
  • He has a brief meeting with the Elite Mobile Task Force (the sub and the dub use this name more or less, though it’s called the "Galaxy Mobile Platoon" in the English version of the F-Zero GP Legend GBA game for some reason) members Dr. Stewart and Jody Summer, after the latter had discussed plans to awaken Ryu with John Tanaka (the Director of the Galaxy Police). Ryu then rushes out into the modern world upon remembering he was supposed to propose to Haruka, and soon realizes that he’s in the future. He also recognizes Zoda in the present day after seeing footage of a recent prison breakout. Ryu also gets to know the other members of the Elite Mobile Task Force such as Dr. Clash, Jack Levin, and Mr. EAD.
  • Many allies and enemies rise over the course of the anime. Zoda is revealed to be part of Dark Million, an evil organization run by Black Shadow. Also among Dark Million’s ranks is the mysterious Miss Killer, who is a loyal servant of Black Shadow.
  • Lucy Liberty (Met in Lap 2 on Ninte/Nintese, recruited in Lap 3 on Clifoto) and Clank Hughes (Met in Episode 11 on Heru, Recruited much later in Mute City) become valuable assets to Ryu and the Elite Mobile Task Force as the series goes on.

2202 and so on, until 2207

  • Lap 12 is a Christmas episode, so it takes place in December 2201. As of Episode 16 (Technically, it's as of Episode 13 by high possibility, but 16 displays this more blatantly), the year is 2202. In other episodes after 16, the year is still 2202, but it is not known if the year had changed again as the Anime was approaching its conclusion (2207 is at the very end, however).
  • It’s Silver Neelsen's 7,776th race in the modern day of 2202. Silver Neelsen is 97 and has participated in the most F-Zero Grand Prix races. Unbeknownst to Silver, his old rival Anthony Ropkin was apparently winning the races that the Task Force hadn’t participated in. Neelsen doesn’t want to win races because he claims he lost Anthony as a rival and explains why to Jack. However, Neelsen finally spots Anthony on TV, who has won yet another race. The two finally reunite after 70 years after reminiscing on what happened to each other (See the 2132 section). Anthony states, post-coldsleep, that he didn’t want to find Neelsen until he (Anthony) improved his skill. The two would race together again, just like old times.

  • A warp gate malfunction caused by changes in gravity within a black hole has occurred, and if it continues, the whole galaxy could be destroyed. This is also the first time Boost Fire is ever utilized in the anime. Jody wants to use the Sandwich Burst with Mr. EAD and Dr. Stewart in order to fix it, but it doesn’t suffice as Jody disappeared into a warp hole while EAD’s machine overturned, and she ended up at a Dark Million base. Clank was also finally introduced to the rest of the Task Force when they needed a computer analyst to find Jody’s location. Trying to fix the warp gate again, Jack, Lucy, and Ryu go for a Sandwich Burst but nothing works. When all hope seems to be lost, Captain Falcon appears and utilizes Boost Fire for the first time in the anime, and teaches Ryu how to do it by telling him to turn off the safety controls of his machine. Just when Clank finds out where Jody is, the Dragon Bird and Blue Falcon rebalance the gate through a dual Boost Fire, and thus the warp hole opens up for Jody’s escape. With the Task Force reunited, Captain Falcon takes his leave on the Falcon Flyer.

  • Dr. Clash reveals the Dragon Bird can handle Boost Fire but can only do it once. Meanwhile, The Skull uses his magic to determine that the route to defeat Captain Falcon is Jody Summer. Black magic from the Skull’s ancestors can only be used once in a lifetime. In the race, Ryu tries to use a Boost Fire or at least a spin attack to try and catch up to Falcon, but falls behind. Jody reminds Ryu what he’s racing for, as the Skull takes over Jody’s machine to attack Falcon from behind. Ryu utilizes Boost Fire again, but for real this time, with the whole animation playing out.

  • Lisa’s ship takes hold of a transport ship to take an object known as a Reactor Might on board, and Bibirichi’s (the space bandit who pretended to be Samurai Goroh early on in the anime) gang finds out.
  • Rumors say that the Reactor Mights are able to maximize energy output, according to Dr. Stewart. Ancient in origin, the Reactor Mights create massive amounts of energy enough to destroy a planet. Dark Million naturally wants a hold of it, while Lisa has a bounty of 100 million credits on her head.
  • Samurai Goroh reveals some knowledge of the Reactor Might but says family rules between Lisa and Goroh mean they can’t betray each other. Ryu tells Goroh his life story and Goroh gives some advice, while Zoda advances on Lisa’s ship with Bibirichi’s crew. Lisa is held hostage after sending the Reactor Might to Goroh, and Ryu contacts the Elite Mobile Task Force to warn them that he’s going with Goroh to rescue Lisa.
  • Lisa uses her womanly charm on the enemy pirate gang to break her way out, while Goroh has been shot because he refused to give the Reactor Might over to Zoda. Ryu then drives off with the Reactor Might instead as Lisa tends to Goroh. Zoda is in pursuit, catches up to Ryu and shoots him. But as he goes to finish the job, Ryu is saved by Goroh’s advice and rushes Zoda head on. The Dark Million base collapses as Goroh and Ryu escape.
  • Unfortunately, Zoda gets a hold of the Reactor Might. The Dark Million base goes down, while Goroh’s gang on Cryton tends to his and Ryu’s wounds. Lisa is safe, and Bibirichi’s space bandit gang is rounded up.

  • Zoda, having just retrieved a Reactor Might in the previous episode, attempts to destroy Black Shadow and Miss Killer by activating the Reactor Might from a distance. But Black Shadow contains the Reactor Might’s power, surviving by taking Miss Killer and himself into his machine to escape. As punishment for Zoda’s incompetence, Black Shadow literally pushes the Reactor Might into Zoda’s stomach by force, thus infusing the two.
  • Zoda, later roaming the streets in a desolate state, has an emotional breakdown that causes his Reactor Might to act up. Hyper Zoda is born, and the Elite Mobile Task Force’s weapons cannot even hinder him as he wreaks havoc. He creates a vortex from Dark Space in which he summons the Death Anchor from and continues on a rampage. Ryu faces off with Hyper Zoda but is sort of outmatched by strength alone.
  • However, the Reactor Might seems to react poorly to Zoda and causes disfigurements in his body and reverts him to his old self. Black Shadow (in his machine) comes through to taunt Zoda, and uses Black Fire to knock Zoda and Ryu off the Galaxy Runner. Luckily, the Falcon Flyer retrieves Ryu. The Black Bull’s Black Fire creates a vortex (leading to Dark Space) that Zoda falls into.
  • Later on, Ryu and Falcon discuss the technique that was used and Falcon reveals that the Blue Falcon, Black Bull, and Dragon Bird are F-Zero machines from the same time, so they are kind of like brothers.

  • It’s still 2202, so it’s been 6 years since the Heru Transport Ship Incident. Roy Hughes, or rather, his brain, would later be salvaged by Dark Million. After Dark Million baits the Task Force to send Dr. Stewart forward to work on the revival mission at the edge of the galaxy, Roy would become Mighty Gazelle, a cyborg, albeit at the cost of his old memories. Dr. Stewart would also input his own security keys. However, Dark Million also would have some control over Gazelle for some time through Black Shadow’s security key overrides. Dark Million had also sent Dr. Stewart and Gazelle back with bombs equipped onto the Doctor’s machine and Gazelle’s own body, but when the Task Force figured out the security keys, the bombs were diffused.

  • Blood Falcon suddenly appears for the first time in the middle of a race and challenges Captain Falcon. It would seem that during Roy’s revival by Dr. Stewart, Dark Million was able to snag Andy’s DNA and information somehow to create Blood Falcon. It also turns out the Blood Hawk has its own take on Boost Fire, called Blood Fire. But when Blood Falcon gets ahead of himself, he overexerts the energy of his machine during a race. When it’s over, Ryu approaches the Blood Hawk but Falcon warns him to get back. The Blood Hawk then explodes as rain falls. With both Falcon and Ryu watching from a distance, Falcon tells Ryu that anyone who surpasses Captain Falcon will become the next one. So that’s Blood #1. He’s dead. Anyway, welcome to the bio study where several Blood Falcons are seen, grinning and laughing in their tubes…

  • Still 2202. It’s been 4 years since Andy died, and Jody is reflecting again. Upon visiting where Andy’s body should be encased by the Galaxy Police, the body turns out to be missing. Jody goes around searching for answers until she ends up at Memory Park, but leaves with nothing. Ryu comes by later, and gets something; The former guide at Memory Park says all the workers were dispatched by Jody before the body arrived. But aside from that, not very much.
  • And so, Billy is here under Dark Million’s threats, but claims to know what happened to Andy Summer, even giving a fake sob story that Jody doesn't buy into. Ryu takes a false lead, and the entire Task Force follows upon realizing he was tricked by Billy. Ryu wanders into the trap and there’s Blood Falcon #2, who would die after the Blue Falcon baited him off a cliff. Billy defects from Dark Million, and Jody finds inner peace upon realizing her brother is still living on in her heart as Ryu reassures her.

  • As Black Shadow could use Black Fire with the Black Bull and make a vortex leading to Dark Space, Zoda is in there.
  • In the middle of a race between the Astro Robin and Dragon Bird, Zoda’s Reactor Might caused the Dragon Bird to lose speed as Ryu is temporarily immobilized. The Dragon Bird’s engine design came from someone else that not even Dr. Clash can really figure out.
  • Zoda is still trying to escape Dark Space and Black Shadow senses that the Reactor Might is acting up. Miss Killer is also left out of the upcoming race… There are 25 Blood Falcons spotted (Blood #3-#27) on the track, initially disguised as other pilots along with their machines. Their disguise comes off as all of the machines become Blood Hawks. It is also worth noting all the Blood Falcons have a different color scarf. Jody, Ryu, Falcon, Jack, and Lucy are the only ones actually in the race. Then the Black Bull appears, using Black Fire to create a vortex like before, dragging Falcon and Ryu inside along with the 25 Blood Falcons. Dark Space, where they all ended up at, is full of evil energy, according to Falcon.
  • Zoda reveals he can create whatever illusions he wants in Dark Space, hence why he restrained Falcon and made a fake Jack to mess with Ryu before it eventually disappeared. The remaining Blood Hawks at this point face the power of Zoda’s Reactor Might and die. Now as Hyper Zoda, he transforms his Death Anchor into the Hyper Death Anchor and tries to use Boost Fire to the surprise of Falcon and Ryu. He looks to the other two for assistance on getting out. Ryu initially rejects but Falcon proceeds. The Trio attempts a triple Boost Fire but it isn’t powerful enough until Zoda’s Reactor Right reacts with Ryu’s machine. There’s a Reactor Might in the Dragon Bird and Blue Falcon, as well as the Black Bull, according to Zoda. A real Boost Fire (the spin) is done by all three and leads to a successful escape. Falcon then laments that they were used by Zoda. Miss Killer can’t believe that Zoda is back, while Black Shadow just laughs.

  • Mighty Gazelle returns unexpectedly, after being held by Dark Million’s restraint at one of their bases, thanks to Zoda. Accidentally through an assigned partnership and Lucy’s slip up, it is revealed to Clank that this ‘Mighty Gazelle’ character from before was in fact his father. While initially shocked and angry, he would set these initial feelings aside later when Gazelle also retrieved the missing locket that Clank had (which restored Gazelle's memories) and Clank would revel in his father’s embrace. Unfortunately, the reunion was short-lived as Zoda dropped a bomb and Gazelle would endure the blast, protecting Clank and then collapsing from the overexertion. Dr. Stewart would swear to rebuild Gazelle, as Clank sobbed.

  • Apparently, in the last 20 races, Falcon has won 9, Ryu has won 5, and Dark Million has only won 3 so far. This is also when Clank finds out who Captain Falcon is.
  • At the Falcon House, ‘Bart’ reveals he’s gonna be at the F-Zero race later, as he’s a big F-Zero fan. Lucy assumes ‘Bart’ has a girlfriend and also assumes it’s the reason why he’s sort of elusive. At the race, Clank looks for Bart’s ‘girlfriend’ and it’s just Bart being generous to a stranger who was already taken. Captain Falcon makes a quick appearance as a participant not even seconds afterwards.
  • Ryu uses Boost Fire, Falcon uses Boost Fire in succession and the two face off. The Dragon Bird wins, but as the race queens come to congratulate the winners, Miss Killer (disguised as a race queen) shoots a laser aimed at Ryu but Falcon’s shoulder is grazed instead. The crowd screams as the Task Force attempts to stop Miss Killer, and even Super Arrow fails to catch her. Falcon drags himself to his machine and refuses to go to the hospital. Falcon warps his machine into the hangar basement of the Falcon House, then walks up the steps to change to his 'Bart' attire.
  • Upon having a convo with Clank, Bart’s shoulder acts up. Hours later, ‘Bart’ is still in pain and Clank goes to investigate the noise. Putting two and two together, Clank figures it out! The orange juice (or is it soda?) is the key to the secret basement hangar. And there, Clank finds the Blue Falcon. Captain Falcon raises his visor to reveal to Clank that he (Falcon) is in fact ‘Bart Lemming’, and tells Clank that Roy (Clank’s father) was his (Bart, but really Andy's) best friend. Roy never knew that Captain Falcon was Andy Summer. Falcon also reveals he had no idea Roy was spying on Dark Million on the day he (Roy) died. Cue the flashback to the Heru Incident.
  • All things are normal again at the Falcon House, as Clank serves for ‘Bart’ while the latter’s shoulder heals.

  • Clank apparently went to Alias’ house and found a box they’d never seen before, in the attic. Behold, Haruka’s diary. The contents reveal that Ryu’s friend, an officer named Rose, had introduced Haruka to Ryu and it was love at first sight some 151 years ago (Remember, it's 2202 now). Ryu grew attracted to Haruka little by little over time. Even when Ryu lost some F1 races, Haruka was there to make his bitter losses into sweet motivation. Memories of the past return through the use of Hyper Zoda’s Reactor Might, and Zoda finds out just who Miss Killer is, but Black Shadow knows the truth already.

  • Jack’s origins as the Shinigami rise. Michael Chain uses the persona as a way to frame Jack for crimes on the side, even having the Astro Robin around. The Shinigami has destroyed other gangs supposedly, also called the Highway Devil. ‘Bart’ finds it strange, seeing as how the Shinigami retired years ago. It’s revealed in a flashback that Jack has confronted Michael, who was trying to revive the Shinigami.
  • The Shinigami controlled all of Mute City in the past. Also Michael Chain and the Bloody Chain gang are now affiliated with Dark Million. It is revealed that as a Galaxy Police officer a few years prior, Jody was chasing after the Shinigami (Jack) and helped him up a broken road. From that point, Jack changed his act.
  • In the present, Jack takes up his Shinigami attire to threaten a Bloody Chain member. Jack challenges Michael to a time trial, if Michael wins, Jack will join the gang, but if Michael loses, the Bloody Chain will disband. They reach the end and just have a fist fight. Ryu reminds Jack where he stands and that he is no longer the Shinigami. Jody helps him up as Michael Chain and the others are taken into custody. Jack officially retires the Shinigami persona for good.

  • Finding the location of a Reactor Might seems to make Black Shadow get jacked up on energy, but Zoda’s Reactor Might reacts as well. Blood Falcon is also back.
  • Andy’s body is missing, either a hacker obtained it or it was moved. Dr. Stewart makes up the persona of ‘Dr. Mask’ to find info on Andy Summer. However, the higher-ups have ordered Jody to stop searching! Dr. Stewart suggests they’re trying to hide Andy’s existence, but Jody recalls seeing her brother before in the present day somehow. Later on, Clank and Dr. Stewart evaluate the results of their demand for info as Jody leaves a bouquet of salvias where her brother was killed.
  • Back at Dark Million’s base, Miss Killer has located the Reactor Might, but Black Shadow sends Blood Falcon forward. Zoda says he’s not going to bother to help Blood, but it’s possibly because of the Reactor Might.
  • Clank takes Jody to the Falcon House and Jody finally is introduced to its manager. ‘Bart’ turns around and Jody recognizes him as Andy but ‘Bart’ denies being Andy Summer. Yet ‘Bart’ knows EXACTLY what kind of coffee she likes. According to Jody, her brother used to make coffee for her in the same way.
  • Afterwards, Captain Falcon shows up to tell Jody to stop focusing on the past. But with little hints, Jody realized her brother is still watching over her.
  • Blood Falcon makes a broadcast targeting Ryu and Falcon, saying that he’ll be waiting on Tank, a planet famous for its stalactites and F-Zero races until low tourism cancelled the races. Blood Falcon then retrieves the Reactor Might and Black Shadow places it right into the Blood Hawk. As Ryu and Falcon show up, Blood leads them on a high speed race into the caves. The Task Force follows but splits up into different paths.
  • Blood’s Reactor Might acts up, causing the Blue Falcon and Dragon Bird’s Reactor Mights to act up as well. The power leads to the water levels rising, forming a tidal wave wall around the area. Blood charges for Falcon and Ryu, but the latter two use Boost Fire. Blood uses his own Blood Fire and the three duke it out. But their clashes cause a vortex that is sucking the machines in. Captain Falcon manages to save Ryu from the vortex but is unfortunately sucked in along with Blood Falcon. Ryu watches as the Falcons are sucked into the vortex to Dark Space as Jody appears and cries out in anguish upon realizing Captain Falcon was her brother, Andy Summer.
  • Later, Jody returns to the Falcon House for the 2nd time, and 'Bart' is supposedly traveling according to Clank, but Jody knows the truth now, and looks onto a bouquet of salvias which apparently mean ‘family’s love.’

  • A liquid shapeshifter Blood Falcon appears, having been revived by Black Shadow after the last clone was presumed dead after the Dark Space vortex incident on planet Tank. Upon getting sucked into the vortex, Blood Falcon made a return in liquid form, according to how Black Shadow's wording of “I revived Blood Falcon as a liquid human.” About 28 Blood Falcons were made, so this may be #28 again.
  • Ryu gets distracted by Miss Killer and Boost Fires into Jack on the track. Miss Killer wins the race ON THE DAY the Chief came to visit. Tanaka’s worries about the whole ordeal, though the Chief really doesn't seem to mind.
  • Pico fires a bullet (which is actually the Liquid Blood Falcon) into the Chief’s office. The Task Force investigates after ensuring the Chief himself was okay. Clank senses that something is off about the trajectory and runs back into the office, just as Blood Falcon shapeshifts into the Chief. Clank tries to tell the rest of the Task Force but they dismiss it.
  • Ryu returns home to find the Galaxy Police searching through his stuff and they arrest him on false charges of being an informant for Dark Million, according to the ‘Chief’. Using the old photo with Haruka’s diary as false evidence, the ‘Chief‘ turns everything all around, and even judges the Task Force for allowing a child on the force. Thus, they are being replaced. Meanwhile,‘Jack’ goes on a rampage and ‘Lucy’ attacks Dr. Clash.
  • Jody talks to Ryu in his cell, trying to figure out what’s going on, then meets up with Dr. Stewart as they realize Clank was right. Mr. EAD brings them to the injured Dr. Clash who knows ‘Lucy’ wasn't the real culprit. The real Lucy had no idea of the incident, and was talking to Ryu at the time.
  • Tanaka has been informed of the false Jack causing havoc and the housing district was affected. The real Jack and Lucy face the threat of being fired. Clank is determined to find proof and goes back to survey the scene, yet he is caught by the fake ‘Chief.’
  • Dr. Stewart and Jody talk about the other members who are fine, but are contacted by the ‘Chief’ who has Clank. The ‘Chief’ disbands the Task Force entirely, as it has been apparently approved by the Galactic Space Federation. Meanwhile Dark Million attacks the Mute City electric plant. Jack realizes there’s some liquid substance in his machine.
  • Clank frees Ryu as Jody handles the guards. However, the Chief appears. Jody tries to fight the fake Chief who forms into Captain Falcon to immobilize her, then he quickly becomes Blood Falcon. Jody shoots him down but he reforms. The rest of the Task Force tries to take on Dark Million regardless, switching their focus to the electric plant.
  • The Galaxy Runner (now piloted by both Dr. Stewart and Jody) comes through to the electric plant. Blood Falcon seeps into Ryu’s machine, then comes around to the front to jab his spike arms into the windshield. Ryu’s Reactor Might goes off, giving the opening for a boost fire into the literal fire of the attacked electric plant and disfiguring Blood Falcon and killing him. He is also the last Blood Falcon ever.
  • Back at the Task Force HQ, Jody fires at the Chief’s statue in his office and the real Chief was actually inside. Jody wonders if Blood Falcon and her brother escaped from Dark Space but is quickly distracted as the Task Force has received Elite status. (It sounds odd since they’re already the Elite Mobile Task Force but hey.)

  • The Task Force is officially out to the public now. Ryu and Jack have a day off together in a filler episode. It is still 2202, according to Jack.
  • At the Falcon House, Jack pulls up his old album songs onto the screen, revealing his pop star career three years prior.

  • Zoda messes things up with his Reactor Might by revealing the past to Ryu and Miss Killer. Zoda leads Ryu on a chase through the streets and ends up at the park where Haruka once waited. Zoda says the Dragon Bird will become weaker if Ryu doesn’t utilize it to its full potential, and goes on about Reactor Mights, saying not everyone can use one, and that Reactor Mights are most powerful when they meet a similar energy.
  • Zoda’s Reactor Might reacts to Ryu’s but causes him to become immobilized, perhaps because the Dragon Bird is right there. Zoda then brings up Haruka and Miss Killer’s likeness and gives Ryu a blast to the past with the Reactor Might. Jack comes to Ryu’s rescue, but Ryu gets a gist of what happened to Haruka (the bank setup). Ryu runs to Jody and exclaims that Miss Killer is Haruka, but Jack stops him and tells him not to believe in Zoda along with "your true girlfriend wouldn’t try to kill you."
  • Clank’s little persona is now seen on the Falcon House sign, but ‘Bart’ is still missing.
  • The race is on Fire Field. The F-Zero Committee holds their dangerous races, danger increasing as Black Shadow arrives. The Black Bull seems unfazed by the bombs on the track too. Jody’s track quarrels with Miss Killer are interrupted by Zoda. Miss Killer sends Jack out of commission, but Zoda claims he’ll take Miss Killer’s place vs Ryu. Zoda keeps taunting Ryu about the past, and reveals even more. Ryu, having enough, boosts forward. Black Shadow decides to leave the race midway as Zoda and Ryu catch up. Zoda reveals that Black Shadow brainwashed Miss Killer and is simply using her, but Ryu is conflicted and Zoda’s interference is strong enough to the point where Task Force communication with the Dragon Bird is impossible.
  • Ryu uses a Boost Fire as Black Shadow tells Miss Killer to get back. But Zoda uses Death Fire at the same time, which causes lava to spill onto the track. The Reactor Mights’ energy waves cause Miss Killer’s memories to return as she thinks of Ryu. The Black Bull emerges from the flames before the track to ram into Zoda. Zoda panics as his machine is engulfed by lava but the Reactor Might saves him. Miss Killer runs past Ryu to check on Black Shadow, and (yes, the next line is real) The Hyper Death Anchor is now the literal head of a lava dragon as the Reactor Might acts up again, and the dragon eats Black Shadow’s machine. Zoda’s machine, no longer part of the dragon, appears for a moment before ultimately leaving the scene. Miss Killer laments the apparent death of her master as Ryu grows conflicted again. Zoda walks into the throne room only to see Miss Killer claim she "inherited Black Shadow’s power" as she sits on the throne. But Zoda’s Reactor Might causes Miss Killer’s memories to return again.

  • Berserker is introduced as the mysterious pilot of the Red Bull. He is actually Captain Falcon in disguise, infiltrating Dark Million. As Ryu and Clank discuss the ‘new’ pilot, Ryu denies seeing the connection between Berserker and Falcon before Clank reveals that ‘Bart Lemming’ is Captain Falcon, breaking the promise of secrecy as he takes Ryu down to the basement. Jody is also somehow in the basement as well, and everyone realizes ‘Bart Lemming’ is actually Andy Summer, but Jody has no idea about Berserker.
  • And somehow, the planet Cryton is holding a race held by a successful entrepreneur. Don Genie is a mysterious millionaire that is apparently into munitions. Clank realizes Berserker will join the race. Mr. Zero notes that Captain Falcon isn’t here for this race either, as Clank watches Berserker closely. The latter wins again. Don Genie approaches Berserker as Octoman and Bio Rex approach as well, saying that Zoda sends his regards. Don Genie, as one of the sponsors of F-Zero, approaches the Task Force and commends Ryu. Berserker comes forward as part of Team Don Genie. Don Genie states he has a palace nearby, as Clank wants to ask Berserker something, but Ryu says Berserker isn’t Captain Falcon and tells Clank about the Boost Fire vortex. Clank denies the fact that Falcon hasn’t returned and so the Task Force looks for him after he storms off.
  • Ryu goes to Goroh to ask about how to get into Don Genie’s palace, but Goroh says it’s not a palace, it’s a fortress. There is a way to get in, however, by attending the Death Race. Pilots who attend the race can enter the palace freely, and Ryu is not changing his mind. Clank runs through the palace and checks the Red Bull before continuing on his way. He comes across Don Genie talking to Berserker. Don Genie is in possession of a lot of weapons that Dark Million will buy, and Berserker will race for Dark Million since he is an excellent pilot, then all the prize money will go to them. Don Genie won’t hesitate to kill a kid, but Clank tries to get to Berserker. Don Genie says that he hired Berserker without background checks, and while Clank doesn’t expect Berserker to do anything, Berserker throws Clank to the ground. Before anything else happens, Don Genie recognizes Clank as a member of the Task Force. And so, he plans to take Clank hostage so the Task Force can join the death race. Berserker is such a formidable opponent that no one has been able to beat him. In the Death Race, anything goes. Ryu is caught outside on the security camera footage. Deathborn will even be watching the race.
  • Jody shows up at the race, but Clank is nearly shot at while he tries to escape. She bashes into the Dark Soldiers as Ryu and Clank attempt to escape,but the Red Bull blocks their path. Berserker takes Clank out of the Dragon Bird and the race begins shortly after. Mr. Zero is announcing for the race. Octoman and Bio Rex are knocked out by Jody and Ryu. The Red Bull rams into the White Cat, but Berserker leaves Jody with a familiar salute. Don Genie communicates with Deathborn as he surveys the race, as Clank also watches. Ryu and Berserker race as Goroh’s crew intervenes to save Clank and also destroy the fortress while getting the treasure within. Ryu and Berserker race through the wreckage as Berserker wins. Mr. Zero even escapes the collapsing fortress. Berserker smiles at Ryu, and Ryu sees something familiar in him. Goroh’s gang escapes along with the Task Force. On the Galaxy Runner, Clank apologizes but is let off easy. He laments that he never found out if Berserker really is Falcon.

  • Zoda tries to mess with Miss Killer outside of her room as usual. Dark Million will continue with Black Shadow’s plan even if he’s ‘missing.’ Jody wont let Ryu join the next race, admitting she doubts Ryu’s capability to confront Miss Killer properly. But after a pep talk, she’s convinced he can handle it.
  • Meanwhile at the Dark Million ship, Zoda says there’s a spy amongst Dark Million. He outs Miss Killer with information about her past, but Miss Killer denies this. Zoda continues, and Miss Killer claims he’s making up lies just to take the leadership position. Challenged, Miss Killer claims she’ll take on Ryu personally. During the race, the Dragon Bird is there along with the Moon Shadow, as Jody tells the Task Force to keep an eye on the two. Ryu tries to ask something of Miss Killer but she bashes her machine into him, and he fights back. Zoda taunts Miss Killer as he watches the race, but the two keep bashing into each other.
  • Some of Dark Million’s main members contemplate if Zoda is telling the truth about Miss Killer, as Zoda tells them to keep an eye on her. Jody intervenes, but Ryu says to leave it to him. Lucy shows up to help along with Jack but ends up bumping into Jody. Miss Killer and Ryu go off course into a trap but Ryu could care less about the race. Miss Killer tries to stab Ryu because everyone thinks she’s Haruka, and Ryu claims this is true. She manages to rip Ryu’s jacket and, frustrated, still tries to kill him. He flips her over and a Dark Million ship shows up to retrieve her as the Task Force arrives, but Ryu is brought as a captive aboard.
  • In the throne room in front of Zoda, Ryu still has verbal jabs to throw, but reveals Zoda attacked Black Shadow. Miss Killer uses this as a way to get Dark Million on her side, but Zoda grabs Miss Killer and uses his Reactor Might to unlock her memories, but she doesn't respond the way he expected. Miss Killer punches and then sends her knee into Ryu, knocking him to the ground. He tries to get through to her but she is having none of it. Dark Million can only watch in discomfort before Miss Killer restates she has been loyal to Black Shadow since her birth. Zoda laughs this off and tells the others to lock Ryu up. But as Miss Killer walks away, she hides her deep regret over her actions and upon stepping into her room, she begins to cry upon realizing she actually is Haruka, and that everything she has done to this point is almost unforgivable.
  • The Task Force tries to find Ryu’s whereabouts as Jody blames herself. Meanwhile, Zoda demands Ryu for information about the Reactor Might of the Dragon Bird, but Ryu doesn't know anything, apparently. Miss Killer walks away from this and is in her room again. She cries once more, but hesitantly, she seems to be the one who gave the Task Force a tip off. Miss Killer also seems to be the one who got rid of the guards in front of Ryu’s cell and set him free.
  • Zoda catches Ryu escaping to his Dragon Bird and concludes there's been a betrayal. Miss Killer shows up saying she hasn't betrayed anyone and that Ryu’s life is in her hands, she aims at him but accidentally fires into his shoulder as the Galaxy Runner attacks the Dark Million ship. Ryu escapes from there. He contacts the Galaxy Runner and says he’s okay, but contemplates on what happened. Zoda and Miss Killer walk into the throne room to a familiar sight… Black Shadow. He has a glorious dream, but Zoda tries to use his Reactor Might against him to no avail. Black Shadow then sets Zoda on fire before turning his attention to Miss Killer, reminding her that she is no exception to betrayal.
  • Sometime after, she stands by the meeting spot where she once was so long ago, as Ryu approaches. However, the encounter is very brief, and she drives off in the Moon Shadow.

  • Haruka has nightmares and an identity crisis. Zoda tries to rat her out to Black Shadow but Black Shadow shoots this down, ruling out Zoda’s incompetence instead. Miss Killer catches the Skull spying on her, but she drives off. She sneaks into Ryu’s apartment and finds her old diary, and the engagement ring that she tries on. It’s a perfect fit as a tear goes down her face. Jack, Ryu, and Lucy walk into the apartment and talk, mentioning Miss Killer. She then leaves the apartment.
  • Zoda receives a proposition by the F-Zero committee, a duel between Ryu and Zoda, but he rips it up. He decides to accept if it means he can damage the Dragon Bird for an extra Reactor Might. If he beats Black Shadow, he’ll have two.  And it turns out the F-Zero Committee’s host and representative is Deathborn. The committee also bought the race track from Don Genie. Ryu accepts the proposition VS Zoda, danger or not. Mr. Zero is announcing this special race at the now presumably repaired Don Genie Palace/Fortress. Zoda taunts Ryu about his Reactor Might as the two commence. Black Shadow watches in amusement, revealing he sent out the invite himself, glorious dream in motion. He shows Miss Killer what he means; An experiment with the Reactor Mights that Ryu and Zoda are using. The duo are currently clashing on the track, as Ryu uses a boost and Zoda boosts too. The experiment begins, as Black Shadow tells Miss Killer to press the button, but she hesitates, not knowing what lies beyond. He makes her ultimately push the button anyway. And so, it begins.
  • The Reactor Mights begin to act up in the Dragon Bird and Zoda. The two suddenly have a much brighter and different light than usual. Clank concludes the Reactor Mights are overreacting. No machine can get close when the reactor Might does so, according to Dr. Stewart. The Hyper Death Anchor is coming apart along with the rest of the race surroundings. Mr. Zero announces he is leaving and for all attendees to evacuate. But the Reactor Mights’ power even causes a ship to explode along with more chaos.
  • Zoda concludes Black Shadow is responsible, and there are sparks and lasers everywhere. Ryu struggles to keep a hold of his machine and is sent into an abyss, until the Galaxy Runner saves him. Black Shadow watches with Miss Killer, surveying the damage a Reactor Might’s power can cause, as she realizes the severity of the situation. All while Berserker watches.
  • Lucy tends to Ryu’s wound, and the Task Force sees Black Shadow and Miss Killer. Lucy asks if they have a connection to Deathborn and the Committee. Ryu wonders if Haruka is involved, hence why they would bring him (Ryu) out.
  • As he goes for a drive, he spots Miss Killer looking out on a bridge and confronts her. She pulls out the ring as Ryu claims she’s truly Haruka, but she denies it again and throws the ring back, lying that it doesn’t fit her finger before she drives off.

  • Zoda's origins are revealed.
  • Roger and Draq are under attack by Dark Million. Zoda takes the two hostage to ask questions about a job they took a while back, revolving around cargo delivered to a base on Lightning. The delivery men keep their silence, but ultimately say they were told to put their cargo into a warehouse. Zoda checks the contents of their transportation records. A DNA converter and micromachine biofluids cause Zoda to have a flashback about Blood Falcon. Draq reveals the Task Force will come for them and that they know Ryu personally. Then, Zoda contacts the Galaxy Runner as Roger and Draq are thrown into a cell but not before Roger throws a punch to Zoda. However, it’s not as effective as he’s sent back by Zoda. Draq tends to Roger.
  • Miss Killer reports to Black Shadow about Zoda being nosy, yet asks about the contents. Black Shadow says it’s none of her business either. She frees the transport duo. The Galaxy Runner heads to Lightning where the Dark Million base is to save Roger and Draq. There’s an energy build up as the base sends out heat seeking missiles. Zoda taunts the squad as he searches the base. Ryu suggests using their machines as they’re smaller and faster than the ship as a target. Jack, Jody, and Ryu head out.
  • Meanwhile, Zoda finds the entrance of the base. It opens to reveal the Black Bull inside as Black Shadow taunts Zoda. He chases after Zoda as Miss Killer waits outside, using the distraction as an opportunity. Task Force trio boosts are running out so they use the sandwich burst technique. Jack and Jody fall behind as Ryu heads off just barely dodging a laser thanks to Roger and Draq, saying they escaped thanks to someone unknown. They help Ryu get to the base as Ryu sees Zoda and Black Shadow. Zoda heads in. Roger’s machine spins out but crashes into the Black Bull. It’s an unfortunate mistake.
  • The Black Bull and Dragon Bird face off while entering the base. Meanwhile, Miss Killer stumbles upon a research lab and she concludes Black Shadow was studying Reactor Mights, and using biotechnology with Reactor Mights. She even finds Zoda’s old form as the initial test subject, though recorded footage! Zoda stumbles upon this, confused, not realizing that he was created here. And as Black Shadow appears, Miss Killer claims she was trying to stop Zoda, but Black Shadow reveals the truth about Zoda's past.
  • Ryu is the biggest obstacle in Black Shadow's path to conquest. It’s revealed that Zoda is not actually from Ryu’s past, but from the modern day. Zoda was a creation of Black Shadow, sent to the past in order to get rid of Ryu for good. He was a failure 150 years ago (151 because it's 2202 now) so Black Shadow decided to install a Reactor Might into Zoda (the one forced into his stomach). Black Shadow says they (Miss Killer and Zoda) are all his tools. Ryu busts in after and Black Shadow calls upon his Black Bull. The two head off and Ryu uses Boost Fire to escape the destruction of the base. Black Shadow also escapes, commending Ryu but saying power will be his (Black Shadow's) someday. Upon finding out the truth, Zoda swears revenge on Black Shadow and even tells Ryu that Black Shadow called him (Zoda) his creation. Ryu doesn’t know what it means, but Zoda has a new resolve.

  • Ryu reflects on what he was told about the Dragon Bird. He asks Jody why he was brought to 2201 and why he was using the Dragon Bird. Dr. Stewart comes forth and gives some Reactor Might lore. (Might be removed?)
  • Supposedly, like the yin and yang, at the beginning of creation, good and evil have existed. Captain Falcon and Black Shadow are basically incarnations of light and dark or good and evil, said to have been locked in a battle for a long time. Then something happened one day according to Dr. Stewart. Captain Falcon approached Dr. Stewart and gave him some data. Jody is revealed to have been aware of this as well. In the data, the Big Bang caused the six Reactor Mights to come into creation. Falcon explains in the data that in the 23rd century, evil would take over the whole galaxy if they could not find a savior.
  • It’s also revealed Dr. Stewart knew that Andy Summer was Captain Falcon for a while. Taking the instructions of Falcon into account, the Galaxy Police installed a Reactor Might into the Dragon Bird, leaving it for the savior of the universe to control, but they could not find the right pilot… That is, until Ryu. They figured Zoda’s revival in 2196 (remember, 5 years before 2201) was linked to something 151 (It’s 2202 now) years ago. And so Ryu was revived for this reason. The only person who proved they could drive the Dragon Bird was Captain Falcon but he can’t drive two machines at the same time. Dr. Stewart believed in Ryu as he proved himself to be a capable pilot over time.
  • And despite the fact the episode has flashbacks to previous ones, the flashbacks made Falcon say the phrase ‘Only a Falcon can surpass a Falcon’ before the Blood Falcon episode (Episode 30, the Blood debut, was when he actually first said it.)
  • The Galactic Space Federation only had three Reactor Mights at the time. Zoda took the third Reactor Might (Possibly sometime in between 2196-2202 or something, yet the earliest instance of seeing a Reactor Might is when Lisa obtained one in Episode 25 in the year 2202). 3 Reactor Mights are in Dark Million’s possession now, but 2 are with Ryu and Falcon. 1 was supposedly lost with Blood Falcon.
  • At the Dark Million base, Miss Killer asks Black Shadow if Falcon died. Black Shadow says he revived Blood Falcon as a liquid human aka Blood #28. #28 met his demise, however, in an earlier episode. Black Shadow says he just needs a stronger army to achieve his dreams, and Miss Killer doesn't even know who Berserker is. Black Shadow brings up the so-called ‘Legendary Man,’ then declares he will destroy both Falcon and Ryu. Miss Killer recaps on her findings in the research lab before. She concludes Ryu is the aforementioned ‘Legendary Man’ and that he was revived for that reason, but she questions why she was brought too.
  • The Task Force in the Galaxy Runner talks about Falcon and possible location of the last Reactor Might. I suppose they’re back on planet Tank again and Zoda and Ryu go off on their own. Ryu uses Boost Fire and Zoda uses Death Fire while the Task Force would wait outside. Ryu makes it out alive, but Zoda escapes. Ryu says he finally understands his purpose, defeating Black Shadow no matter what. Berserker is revealed to have been watching this happen.
    • (This was supposed to be its own point, but basically, the takeaway from the episode is)> Near the end of the series ep 46, Dr. Stewart reveals The Legend of Falcon. The legend states that Captain Falcon and Black Shadow are the incarnations of light and dark respectively, locked in a long and ongoing battle in which neither of them can actually win on their own. The Reactor Mights are items of universal power, which can tip the scale in the favor of either side, provided 6 Reactor Mights are collected by one side. Even so, the fact that both sides have yet to obtain all 6 on their own says a lot. Ryu is revealed to be the intended tiebreaker and ‘the Chosen One’ for the side of light, in order to finally overcome darkness. Also big note: Whoever surpasses Falcon will become Falcon. It is a title passed down from one person to another.

  • Deathborn is watching the past races from an unknown area, directly paralleling an F-Zero GX commercial though. The F-Zero Committee apparently also has some level of authority over the Task Force, and they want Ryu to face off with Black Shadow. Jack reminds Ryu that he isn’t fighting alone, after the latter overwhelms himself. Miss Killer overhears about the upcoming race and comes across Black Shadow, who says he’ll go alone. Don Genie and Berserker overview the race. Anyway. It’s One on One. Deathborn also watches.
  • Black Shadow doesn’t care about winning so long as he can destroy his opponents, utilizing Black Fire while Ryu uses Boost Fire. Ryu withstands the attack, surprising everyone. Black Shadow uses Black Fire again, which is a technique that can supposedly only be used once, but he actually has two Reactor Mights in his Black Bull. Ryu falls off the track as the Galaxy Police Chief goes to stop the race, but the Chief is confronted by Don Genie and Berserker, as well as Dark Million lackeys. Black Shadow and Ryu’s machines just disappear. Berserker allows the Chief to escape when Don Genie leaves.
  • Black Shadow then reveals he is part of the Committee. Don Genie appears behind him. Black Shadow even owns the Committee Building. ‘Wasn’t always like this’ according to Don Genie, but of course power and money makes an organization easy to build from the ground up. There is a brainwashing device powered by a Reactor Might.
  • The Galactic Space Federation becomes somewhat aware of the Committee’s sketchiness, which comes full circle as it is revealed that Deathborn is the chairman of the F-Zero Committee. Black Shadow states that once he obtains the savior of the universe, the Reactor Mights, and power, he’ll win. Ryu is placed in the device by Deathborn, but he manages to hear the voices of his allies reaching out to him, as well as Miss Killer's voice. Ryu then breaks free, calling his Dragon Bird forward to escape.
  • Black Shadow is enraged and summons his Black Bull. Then Berserker arrives, discarding his disguise and revealing Captain Falcon underneath. Falcon and Ryu escape through dual Boost Fire. Ryu tells the Task Force he’s okay, but also that he’s on the Falcon Flyer. Jody is relieved to hear that both Ryu and her brother are alive. Everything seems to be back to normal again as the scene pans out to the Falcon House, as ‘Bart’ reveals that he was infiltrating the Committee this whole time.

  • Miss Killer has a Black Shadow card, using it to access the one spot where Black Shadow revealed his plans. Zoda catches her in a lie but Black Shadow actually rolls with it, even granting Miss Killer control over the experimental facilities. She uncovers some Reactor Might data and puts it on a chip. She plans to head out in her machine but Zoda wants to be nosy. Black Shadow, already knowing of her plans, simply grins evilly.
  • Miss Killer just wants to give Ryu the data, but keeps running into obstacles. Captain Falcon is racing again, to the joy of many F-Zero fans and Mr. Zero. Lucy is defensive over Ryu as Miss Killer tries to catch up to Ryu to talk, but he’s having none of it. During the actual race, Miss Killer just wants to talk but no one is having it either, not even Falcon.
  • Lucy and Miss Killer’s machine brawl sends them off the track, as Lucy confronts Miss Killer and tells her to leave Ryu alone, but Miss Killer immediately hands Lucy the data, saying it’s urgent and Ryu’s life is in danger. Lucy almost investigates the data but doesn’t get the chance. On that rainy night, Lucy is seen outside of Ryu’s apartment building, and when he takes her inside his apartment to get out of the pouring rain, she finally hands the data over to Ryu.
  • The Task Force analyzes the data, all about the Reactor Mights but Black Shadow interrupts this transmission to say the truth. See lower point. Miss Killer knows it’s all over.

  • Black Shadow reveals everything. Ryu is the savior of the galaxy. Black Shadow sends Miss Killer in a pod out into space, but Zoda wants to retrieve Miss Killer because he wants to know what was on the chip with data. The F-Zero Committee is revealed to have connections with Dark Million.
  • Officially, Miss Killer’s true backstory is revealed. She is actually Misaki Haruka, recovered by Dark Million and brainwashed by Black Shadow. Zoda is ultimately the one that figures out her secret through the Reactor Might infused in his stomach. Miss Killer slowly comes to realize a lot of things and eventually helps Ryu out indirectly, though she is caught by her superior, who has known everything the whole time and even addresses her by her true name.
  • Black Shadow explains that Haruka was his last resort to stopping Ryu as Ryu was the savior of the galaxy, but seeing as how she failed, he would normally just kill her. But with her strong efficiency as his servant, she would simply be put into coldsleep again and sent into the depths of space. Luckily, Samurai Goroh finds Haruka’s coldsleep chamber and holds on until Ryu can take her.
  • However, this draws the attention of Zoda and the others. Lisa Brilliant (wife of Samurai Goroh) arrives to her husband’s aid with her own crew. Ryu faces off with Zoda one more time and wins, while the Galaxy Runner provides Ryu some cover from Dark Million’s ships. Haruka later reunites with Ryu but it is short-lived, as she is abducted by Dark Million. Black Shadow appears as a hologram and taunts Ryu.

  • The Excellent Queen and the Fire Needle are elsewhere as Ryu meditates and Goroh heals. Lucy and Clank come to retrieve Ryu as he laments about Haruka. Meanwhile, on the Dark Million ships… Black Shadow taunts the encased Miss Killer as he says he’s leaving.
  • Zoda appears, declaring he found Black Shadow’s secret base. Black Shadow points to something in the distance, the Dark Matter Reactor. It has gathered the energy strong enough to release darkness into the galaxy. Black Shadow wants to cause another Big Bang, to create a universe ruled by evil. Black Shadow makes a bet with Zoda that whoever reaches the high energy furnace first, the winner will proceed with the plans. The two race around the Dark Matter Reactor as Black Shadow taunts Zoda, saying his creation doesn’t have enough power to be activated. Zoda activates Death Fire and is in the lead. Zoda’s Reactor Might acts up, his machine not following his rule as Black Shadow uses Black Fire, and sends Zoda’s machine spiraling right into the Dark Matter Reactor.
  • Ryu realizes there are now two Reactor Mights in his machine, and Captain Falcon had taken the one from the Blood Hawk (Blood Falcon #28.). Dr. Clash has no idea what kind of power two Reactor Mights will give Ryu, so caution must be advised.

  • The entire galaxy is crumbling; odd weather conditions, attacks from the sky, and colliding planets. Black Shadow reveals he’s behind the mishaps but taunts Ryu with the mention of Haruka, saying if Ryu can’t save one woman, he can’t even save the galaxy.
  • Clank runs a simulation and concludes the galaxy is shrinking. If the energy is stronger, the universe will shrink faster. The F-Zero Committee apparently owns a planet, and the Task Force suggests it is Black Shadow’s secret base, and heads for it against Tanaka’s orders… though he also tags along regardless. As the Galaxy Runner approaches the base, Don Genie’s voice is heard, welcoming Ryu. The Galaxy Runner is also under attack but their machines head onto the track. Don Genie pilots a Red Bull, but others are seen as well, then Don leads Ryu into somewhere. Ryu demands answers, and though he has trouble controlling his machine, he ultimately sends the Red Bull going on its last legs. Falcon shows up on the scene, passing by the Task Force.
  • Suddenly Deathborn is here, claiming he is a Galaxy Police officer chasing Don Genie. Falcon rushes in to call Deathborn out on his lies, telling Ryu that no one is on the ship Deathborn pointed to, as it is a trap to get the Reactor Mights. Deathborn’s shadow, as Falcon suggests, is Don Genie. But he quickly says Don Genie is also Black Shadow, as the shadow changes form. Black Shadow reveals himself truthfully, offering Falcon and Ryu to step into darkness or the universe is doomed. He heads into a warp gate portal and leaves.
  • The Task Force escapes but Ryu seems to be missing. Falcon checks in with Jody, and says Ryu is on the Falcon Flyer and that they’re headed to the Dark Star. The Task Force says they’ll follow too. Dark Million ships keep the Galaxy Runner busy, however. The Galaxy Runner’s mission is to cover the Falcon Flyer. And on the Flyer, Ryu asks Falcon what’s on the Dark Star, their next destination. Falcon tells Ryu to not be afraid of growing up, and to face what lies ahead.
    • The previews feature Ryu monologuing, but Jack says he’s right behind him. Falcon appears and urges Ryu to head off, but it turns out Falcon needs a minute for himself because it is the last classroom segment he will do as ‘Bart’. ‘Bart’ contemplates answering the recurring question of the origin of his scar, but Jack interrupts, claiming to know. ‘Bart’ delivers his Sensei Kick and Sensei Punch to Jack in order to keep him quiet, as Ryu calls Jack’s name in horror.

  • Ryu and Captain Falcon make their way to the Dark Star to have the final showdown with Dark Million and Black Shadow. It’s the ultimate battle of light vs dark, and Ryu will finally settle the score. The Reactor Mights, Haruka, and the universe are all on the line. Distress signals are everywhere in the galaxy. Ryu and Captain Falcon split up at a fork in the road, but Ryu realizes he seems to be going the wrong way. He can’t get into contact with Falcon after an explosion went off but Black Shadow’s voice rings out, taunting Ryu about the Dark Matter Reactor. Ryu, with his resolve as strong as ever, boosts forward.
  • Black Shadow notices there are 2 Reactor Mights in the Dragon Bird, but they react with the Dark Matter Reactor. He speeds by as Ryu chases after him.
  • The Galaxy Runner catches up, with the Dark Star in their sight, but Dark Million ships don’t make it easy for the Galaxy Runner to recover its shields. Luckily, Samurai Goroh in his Fire Needle and Lisa Brilliant in her Excellent Queen arrive to lend a hand, helping the Galaxy Runner against Dark Million's battleships. This allows the Elite Mobile Task Force to move in.
  • Black Shadow keeps taunting Ryu about his two Reactor Mights, but Ryu boosts and angrily rams into the Black Bull, as the two machines’ Reactor Mights act up. Ryu utilizes Boost Fire, but Black Shadow uses Black Fire as the two machines spin in a head to head battle. Ryu can’t seem to handle the end of it. Black Shadow taunts Ryu, AGAIN, about Haruka.
  • The Dark Matter Reactor opens up as Ryu yells out Haruka’s name. Meanwhile, outside, the Galaxy Runner lands next to the Falcon Flyer but the Task Force’s machines are all lined up on the track along with Dark Million’s machines on the opposite end. Octoman, Bio Rex, Baba, and The Skull contemplate if this was truly a good idea and crash into the Task Force’s machines. Jody proceeds forth without a scratch.
  • The Dark Matter Reactor changes the layout of the track. Ryu faces off with Black Shadow again as Falcon saves Haruka (and even frees her) before leaving her with Jody, stating this is his final mission and that he will fight Black Shadow to the end. Then he proceeds to help out Ryu.
  • The plan is to make the giant Reactor overload, but Ryu's machine is the only one capable of doing it due to its dual Reactor Mights. Ryu uses Boost Fire, and Black Shadow uses Black Fire, but Falcon intervenes and says Black Shadow is his rival. Ryu keeps trying and even Zoda comes alive to talk sense into him and tells Ryu to use his full power. Ryu, now motivated by both Falcon and Zoda (who reminds him of what he’s fighting for), and ends up using Boost Fire at fully power.
  • The plan is successful. Falcon would declare Ryu Suzaku as the next Captain Falcon moments before a furious Black Shadow would emerge from the Black Bull, angered by his ultimate dream being ruined after all this time. Without hesitation, Captain Falcon (Andy Summer) delivers a legendary (and later infamous) Falcon Punch.
  • The Dark Matter Reactor is destroyed and the universe is saved, at the cost of losing Andy Summer, Captain Falcon. Ryu is retrieved by the Task Force, crying. Clank demands to know where Falcon is but ultimately loses it when Ryu tells him Captain Falcon is gone, saving the galaxy through death. His helmet is all that’s left as Jody and Clank lament. Ryu remembers the words of his predecessor and decides on what he’ll do after some encouragement from Dr. Stewart and Jody.
  • Sometime after, Ryu meets Haruka at the place they were intended to meet so many years ago. Everything is all in the past, as the couple is just happy to be reunited at last. Ryu pulls out the ring, placing it on Haruka’s finger. They share a heartfelt kiss as the scene transitions into the future.


  • It is now the year 2207. A whole six years have passed since the start of the anime (2201), as Black Shadow’s reign of terror has finally ended and things are now at peace.
  • A new F-Zero race begins in Mute City and a brand new Captain Falcon rises in the form of Ryu Suzaku, who is now the pilot of the Blue Falcon. However, that’s not all.
    • Clank Hughes is all grown up, and is the new pilot of the Dragon Bird! Roy Hughes, Clank’s father and known as Mighty Gazelle, has his old human body back too. Clank’s friend, Alias (the sick child who Roger and Draq delivered to, and was also a possible descendant of Rose) is also grown.
    • Familiar faces rise again too, such as Goroh and Lisa, Super Arrow, and the Task Force members themselves. Even Dark Million’s main 4 henchmen (Baba, Bio Rex, Octoman, The Skull) make an appearance.
    • Haruka also now runs the Falcon House.
  • The race is about to begin, but Zoda makes a last minute entry, much to the dismay of the Baba and The Skull. Now with all of the pilots present in the Grand Prix, a new era begins.

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