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Captain Falcon (キャプテン・ファルコン "Kyaputen Farukon" in JP) is the pilot of the Blue Falcon. He is a bounty hunter and F-Zero pilot who hails from Port Town.[1] Throughout the F-Zero games from the Main Universe, his profiles usually state those very few details, and the rest of his personal information is usually wrapped in mystery.

Although he has no canon nor official real name, he is commonly referred to by the F-Zero community and outsiders by the name "Douglas Jay Falcon," which originates from a non-canon, inconsistent, and contradictory source known as the Nintendo of America F-Zero X website.

He is constantly mistaken for his Anime Universe counterpart, Andy Summer, who is not the same person nor part of the same timeline/lore/etc.


In the games

In his games, Captain Falcon is usually portrayed as a confident and capable bounty hunting racer, whose bold and courageous attitude is often what gets him by in life.

By F-Zero GX, his personality is given a little more insight, as he is somewhat reserved, calm, and collected. He is also serious when it comes to situations such as stopping Black Shadow and Deathborn. He is grateful for his fans, and is depicted as a general good guy type of hero (Saving a baby and returning it safely to Mrs. Arrow in his pilot video, saving Jody Summer from an exploding power plant, complimenting Mr. Zero's sharpness and suggesting that he'd "make a good pilot," and so on). GX also emphasizes the hero role by having him outright state that "The evil forces will never get their hands on this belt! I'll keep winning!" after defeating Deathborn in the Underworld.

In Super Smash Bros.


Though his modern depiction outside of F-Zero tends to be based on his Super Smash Bros. appearance (notably, Ultimate), Captain Falcon has had several designs in the past. One thing that should be noted about Falcon is that he has had a tan since Super Smash Bros. 3DS & Wii U, but it has been overlooked by many fans and even Nintendo themselves, the latter of which who depict Falcon with inconsistent skin tones.

Captain Falcon, as seen in The Story Of Captain Falcon.

In the original F-Zero (SNES) game, Captain Falcon did not make an in-game appearance, but was featured in the manual and comic (The Story Of Captain Falcon) found within the manual. With a dark blue race suit with white accents, red and white elbow pads, red gloves with white fingers, red belt, dark colored boots with gold leg protectors in the shape of falcons, a red helmet with a gold falcon on its crest, Captain Falcon was stated to be a bounty hunting racer rumored to be in his early 30s.

In F-Zero X, he is seen in a different attire. His suit is a less darker shade of blue and is tighter. Though the falcon crest has been kept to an extent, his helmet has been altered to have yellow 'ears' on each side. The helmet's visor is less rounded, now featuring a pair of glowing white triangles for 'eyes.' He also sports a pair of gloves with two different colored (yellow for hands, orange for forearm) layers that reach up to his elbows. The falcon shaped leg protectors from his SNES appearance have been changed to being part of the design of his golden boots. His holster is also brown.

Captain Falcon also has another outfit in the F-Zero X Expansion Kit. Though somewhat similar to his standard attire, he appears to be wearing body armor, and his helmet design is slightly different.

Captain Falcon's Master Ending in F-Zero X.

And while Captain Falcon rarely shows his face, there are two times in which he has shown it. The first instance was in F-Zero X, upon unlocking his Master Ending. Falcon would show his face, albeit with his eyes closed, revealing black hair and a scar that crossed diagonally from his left eyebrow to the center of his forehead. However, this event would later seemingly be retconned along with the message of "I now retire undefeated champion!" due to the fact that Falcon has dark brown hair in F-Zero GX, the game following X, and clearly has not retired.

Captain Falcon taking off his helmet during the ending of Chapter 9 in F-Zero GX.

In F-Zero GX, most of his F-Zero X appearance has been retained, but the falcon on his helmet is a lot more prominent as the wings stick out more. The orange parts of his outfit have also been altered to a soft brown color. His holster has been changed to green, and the ends of his gloves stick out more. His hair was changed to dark brown, but it is not known what color his eyes are. It can be assumed that he still has a scar.

In the Super Smash Bros. series, Captain Falcon's designs are slightly altered from his F-Zero designs. In the first Super Smash Bros. game, possibly due to limitations of the N64, Captain Falcon's suit was composed of a black tucked in scarf, purple suit with back pockets, orange interior collar, orange flaps, and gloves, and despite his holster being brown in the Super Smash Bros. (N64) artwork, it is green in the game.

His appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee is mostly inspired by his F-Zero X design, but by Super Smash Bros. Brawl, 5 years after the release of F-Zero GX, Captain Falcon was given more details to his Smash design. His face was also modeled underneath his helmet, revealing only the right eye underneath a shadow. These details, minus his modeled face, have mostly remained as part of his design through Brawl, 3DS & Wii U, and in the latest installment (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate).

Captain Falcon's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate appearance, seen on the mural for the fighters.

However, he did receive a different holster and a slight redesign as of 3DS & Wii U. The realism aspect from Brawl did not remain, as Captain Falcon's Smash 3DS & Wii U and Smash Ultimate appearance retain a slightly cartoony style. It is also not known if 3DS & Wii U and Ultimate Falcon would've still had his greyish blue eyes and dark brown hair from Brawl, as his face is not modeled underneath the helmet/visor this time, and hair is not seen from the slight glimpse of his nape.


Before F-Zero

At some point before becoming an F-Zero pilot, Captain Falcon was known as an infamous bounty hunter with a stellar record. Though mysterious, he was stated to be from Port Town.

F-Zero (SNES)

F-Zero (SNES) US Manual:
From Port Town.

Age unknown. (Rumored to be in his early 30’s.)

Besides being an accomplished F-ZERO pilot, he is a renowned and talented bounty hunter. Not much is known about his past.[1]

In the SNES manual comic,[1] Captain Falcon is seen carrying out his bounty hunting missions prior to the start of the F-Zero Grand Prix Knight League. He has a brief conversation exchange with his robot assistant who makes its only appearance in the comic only, and tells it to meet him at the rendezvous point "in exactly 10 minutes".

On Red Canyon, he encounters one of his marks by the name of Scalehead, wanted for murder with a price of 500,000 galactic credits on his head. After Scalehead threatens Falcon and fires lasers at him, Falcon fires back. Falcon is then encountered by Samurai Goroh, who declares that Red Canyon is his turf and that Falcon is trespassing. Deciding to make his exit, Falcon takes the corpse of Scalehead with him aboard his ship, the Falcon Flyer, and leaves Goroh to declare his revenge on Falcon at the Grand Prix for stealing his bounty.

Falcon is later seen in Mute City after another bounty. The mark gets his henchmen to deal with Falcon, but the bounty hunter handles them easily. Upon being questioned by his mark, Falcon pulls out the bounty power with his mark's mugshot on it, and says "That's right. I'm the best, at driving, and bringing in scum like you."

Eventually, he makes it to the Grand Prix in the end and exchanges brief banter with Dr. Stewart before the race begins.

Before F-Zero X

At some point, Captain Falcon was one of the pilots who was hospitalized after the huge accident three years before F-Zero X.[2] While hospitalized, his DNA was stolen and Black Shadow used this to create an evil clone of Captain Falcon, known as Blood Falcon.[2] Additionally, the sub engine of the Blue Falcon during the accident was stolen and utilized for Blood Falcon's machine,[3] the Blood Hawk.

F-Zero X

Captain Falcon in F-Zero X.

F-Zero X US Manual:

Age: 36
He’s a well known bounty hunter as well as a great F-Zero pilot. Many mysteries surround Captain Falcon — the only thing we know is that he’s from Port Town.[4]

Disclaimer: The F-Zero X US manual bios actually lack some information. In many cases, the X Manual pilot bios were cut short or VERY simplified in comparison to the Japanese X manual bios. Some crucial content was cut from the JP manual bios and thus was lost in the translation when it came overseas.

F-Zero X JP Manual
Age: 36


English Translation by Sidier: Apart from being an F-ZERO pilot, he's also famous for being a very skilled bounty hunter. However, his profile is surrounded by enigmas and the only thing known about his past is that he was born in Port Town.[6]

Making a full recovery since the accident three years prior, the 36 year old Captain Falcon returned for the F-Zero X Grand Prix, facing off against 29 other pilots for the prize money. Sporting a new Blue Falcon and a new appearance for himself, he would come out as the winner.

F-Zero X Expansion Kit

Captain Falcon's Super Falcon alternate outfit in the F-Zero X Expansion Kit.

Captain Falcon also received another alternate appearance in the F-Zero X Expansion Kit on the N64DD, to go along with the Super Falcon.

It is possible to unlock the Super Falcon within F-Zero X itself, but doing so will freeze the game upon reaching the finish line.[7]

F-Zero GX

One year after F-Zero X, Captain Falcon returned once again to compete for the F-Zero GX Grand Prix, "craving another title." He is 37 years old in GX, and is the star of the Story Mode which consists of 9 Chapters.

F-Zero GX In-Game US Pilot Profile
F-Zero GX Captain Falcon Artwork.png
Sex: M | Age: 37

Captain Falcon was the winner of the previous F-ZERO Grand Prix, an achievement that boosted his already high popularity even higher. Beyond racing, he is quite well-known as an extremely capable bounty hunter- just how many criminals he’s brought in is unknown, but the number is said to be astronomic.

Aside from the fact he hails from Port Town, his past is a complete mystery. His mind and body are honed from the many battles he has survived, and there is no challenge he can’t overcome.

F-Zero GX In-Game JP Pilot Profile
Sex: M | Age: 37

Captain Falcon (JP): 前回の「F-ZERO X グランプリ」でチャンピオンになり,さらに人気が上昇した。またスゴ腕のバウンティーハンター(賞金稼ぎ)としても有名で,捕まえた悪人どもは数知れない。ポートタウン出身ということ以外の過去は謎に包まれている。日々の戦いの中で鍛えぬかれた肉体と精神は,どんな困難も乗り越える。

[Proper English Translation required.]
F-Zero GX US Manual Bio
Sex: M | Age: 37

A Bounty Hunter With A Mysterious Past.
Captain Falcon is the ever-popular defending champion of the F-Zero Grand Prix, and has a reputation as one of the most notorious bounty hunters around. Aside from the fact he hails from Port Town, details on his background remain elusive.

Disclaimer: GX manual bios have inconsistencies with what is given in the in-game Pilot Profiles.

F-Zero GX Story Mode

  • In Chapter 1, he appears walking through the streets of presumably Mute City, and passing by a group of familiar pilots (Billy, Mr. EAD, James McCloud, Mighty Gazelle, Pico, Jack Levin, Antonio Guster) before heading into an alleyway to his secret hideout behind a machine shop (Hiper Ride, as seen on the windows). Securely inside, he hops into the Blue Falcon and starts up a simulation which involves collecting capsules along the track. He is successful and completes the simulation before seeing Black Shadow on the news again.[8]
  • In Chapter 2, Falcon heads out to Red Canyon, coming across Samurai Goroh and his band of thieves, and is challenged to a race. According to Goroh, the rules of Red Canyon state that if someone loses to Goroh, they have to forfeit their machine. With seemingly no other choice, Falcon participates, but ends up beating Goroh in the race. As Falcon drives off, Goroh declares his revenge at the GX Grand Prix, promptly before the Fire Stingray explodes behind him.[8]
  • In Chapter 3, he takes a break at the Bet & Race Dollars bar, which is actually a bar, inn, and lounge, as seen in the cutscene. Familiar pilots appear throughout the bar, and Dr. Clash is even seen as the bartender. When Silver Neelsen's loud rambling attracts attention, Mighty Gazelle leaves the bar and sends Silver Neelsen's bet coin flying onto the bar's counter, rolling down before Captain Falcon grabs it. Silver Neelsen recognizes Falcon and urges him to participate in the bet race for him, but Falcon simply tells him to calm down. But as registration is near closing for the race, Silver drags Falcon to one of the bar rooms and Bio Rex goes to investigate. Falcon is seen with a disguise, and participates in the bet race under the name of Famicom. He wins the race and Silver presents him with his share of the prize money. Falcon goes to receive it but immediately changes his priority and ditches the Famicom costume when the news brings up Black Shadow causing havoc in the Lightning Area.[8]
  • In Chapter 4, Falcon's path to the Lightning Area is temporarily sidetracked by Michael Chain and the Bloody Chain. But Falcon makes quick work of Michael and his gang, and proceeds forward as Michael follows after his retreating gang members.[8]
  • In Chapter 5, Falcon arrives in the Lightning Area but comes across a weakened John Tanaka, who tells Falcon that Jody Summer is still within one of the power plants. Without a moment to lose, Falcon rushes in with his machine and rescues her. As the plant explodes, he comes out safely with Jody and hands her over to Tanaka before turning to Black Shadow in the near distance and approaching him.[8]
  • In Chapter 6, Falcon confronts Black Shadow and declares they settle their score at the Grand Prix, but Black Shadow simply says he's getting rid of anyone who stands between him and the prize. Just as he says this, he sends forth something to restrain Falcon, leaving the bounty hunter struggling to escape his tied up state. Somehow, Black Shadow also summons Blood Falcon right out of Captain Falcon. Blood Falcon places a speed sensitive bomb on the Blue Falcon as Black Shadow places Falcon in it. Blood Falcon taunts Captain Falcon with a "Now you and Blue Falcon can die together!" before hopping off as the Blue Falcon speeds off. Falcon breaks free of his restraints but realizes the danger he's in. Driving through a highway eventually leads him to a dead end in the road, and as Falcon momentarily panics, a crane knocks the speed sensitive bomb into the waters below.[8]
  • In Chapter 7, after his near death experience, Captain Falcon arrives at the GX Grand Prix at the Mute City Stadium, but Black Shadow remarks that he "won't hesitate to make mincemeat out of" Falcon even after he survived through Chapter 6. The Grand Prix winner turns out to be none other than Falcon, much to the dismay of Black Shadow, who is then punished by his boss, Deathborn, and banned to the depths of space. Falcon questions Deathborn. Deathborn introduces himself properly to Falcon, as the champion of the Underworld F-Zero competition, and challenges Falcon to a race "tomorrow."[8]
  • In Chapter 8, Falcon meets with Deathborn in the Underworld, the day after the Grand Prix. Bringing his own champion's belt, Deathborn explains that the belts actually each contain a universal power. When the two belts combine, whoever owns them will have the power to control the universe. In Deathborn's case, he wants to "turn this galaxy into a pile of ashes in an instant", but Falcon refuses to let it happen and the race commences. Falcon reigns victorious yet again as Deathborn crashes into the fiery depths below the Underworld track. The Ultimate Champion's Belt floats towards Falcon and wraps itself around his waist, as he declares he will never "let the evil forces get their hands on this belt" and that he'll "keep winning."[8]
  • In Chapter 9, he is confronted by three beings who refer to themselves as the Creator. They "created the whole world" and they also state that Deathborn was their best creation. Now that Falcon has technically become the winner of both the Underworld and normal F-Zero competitions by inheriting the Ultimate Champion's Belt, the Creator declares they'll rip his soul out from his body and turn it into their creation. They swirl around him and take him to Phantom Road. The mission objective interestingly calls the Creator "the staff ghost", as they take the form of a staff ghost Blue Falcon. Falcon, again, wins against all odds and sends the Creator whirling around until they disappear. Falcon himself is once again back in his hideout, and after hopping out of his machine, he takes his helmet off and reveals he has dark brown hair, before he walks out of his hideout and into a hallway as the doors close behind him.[8]

Though the Story Mode is technically canon, some fans argue that its events are too bizarre (as well as Black Shadow's blooper reel Master Pilot video, so it is not fully certain if Captain Falcon did actually end up winning the F-Zero GX Grand Prix. Given his track record, it seems likely, regardless.

F-Zero GX Interviews

Captain Falcon's autograph in F-Zero GX.

Close Call! Captain Falcon


F-Zero GX- Captain Falcon Pilot Profile Movie -HD-

Captain Falcon's Master Pilot video in F-Zero GX.

Upon beating any Grand Prix on Master mode with the Blue Falcon, it will unlock a special video for Captain Falcon, which also features his theme song.

Mrs. Arrow looks on in distress as a crying baby in a stroller (assumed to be her child) is in the path of an oncoming train. Luckily, Captain Falcon arrives in the Blue Falcon just in time, hopping out of his machine and rescuing the baby. He jumps high above the train to avoid getting hit, but as he returns the baby to Mrs. Arrow, it turns out that he had torn his pants. Falcon embarrassingly tries to cover the tear that reveals a pair of white boxers with small red polka dots, as Mrs. Arrow realizes what had occurred. With a nervous grin and a salute, Falcon recomposes himself and nods until the end of the video.

F-Zero AX

Captain Falcon is one of the starter pilots in the arcade variant of F-Zero GX, known as F-Zero AX.

F-Zero Maximum Velocity

Although Captain Falcon is a major character in the F-Zero games, he is absent from F-Zero Maximum Velocity which takes place 25 years after the SNES game.[9] However, he is mentioned in Maximum Velocity's game manual along with Dr. Stewart, as legendary pilots who have retired after they "piloted their way to fame."[9] In addition, there is a pilot (Kent Akechi) in Maximum Velocity who claims to have blood ties to Captain Falcon.[10] Nintendo Power is the only source that changes this claim into something more specific; as the pilot "claims to be Captain Falcon's son."[11]

Other Appearances

Outside of F-Zero, Captain Falcon has made various appearances in other media.

Captain Falcon in Famitsu issue #199.

He has appeared in Famitsu Issue #199 (released on October 9, 1992) with a slightly altered take on his SNES design.

Mario and Yoshi on the left, with Captain Falcon in his SNES Blue Falcon on the right in Super Mario: Im Rausch der Geschwindigkeit.

Additionally, Captain Falcon has also made a cameo appearance in Super Mario: Im Rausch der Geschwindigkeit (Translation: Super Mario: In A Rush Of Speed), a two-page comic featured in a German Club Nintendo magazine.

Super Smash Bros. Series

Captain Falcon's appearance in the first Super Smash Bros. game.

Captain Falcon's latest appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018-Present).

Captain Falcon has also starred in every Super Smash Bros. game to date. However, his appearance in the Smash games often look slightly different from his in-universe appearances, with the Brawl to present renditions having more details than his last F-Zero game appearance (F-Zero GX).

Mario Kart Series

From the Mario Kart comic, Captain Falcon, Samurai Goroh, and Pico are seen within the crowd on the right side.

Falcon's earliest appearance in the Mario Kart series stems is a cameo in a Mario Kart comic, in what appears to be his SNES design, alongside Samurai Goroh and Pico in the crowd.

While Captain Falcon himself does not an appearance in Mario Kart Wii, his Blue Falcon is one of the available karts in the game.

The reused F-Zero X assets with a Super Smash Bros. phrase in Mario Kart 8.

In Mario Kart 8, he makes a small cameo appearance in the Mute City track through reused F-Zero X art and a reference to one of his infamous Smash Bros. quotes "Show me your moves!"

An unknown yet new (at the time, but still unknown) render of Captain Falcon for the Mii costume screen in Mario Kart 8.

A Mii costume based on Captain Falcon can also be unlocked by scanning his amiibo in the game.

Despite all of this, Falcon himself has not made an appearance as a playable character nor DLC, even in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The unknown render of Captain Falcon from an Amiibo showcase video.

Within an Amiibo showcase video, there is a peculiar render for Captain Falcon that has never been seen anywhere else, nor found online on its own. It resembles his Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & Wii U appearance with slightly altered textures. It was also used for the Mario Kart 8 Mii costume screen.



  • Captain Falcon, as seen in all F-Zero games prior to the anime's existence, and as seen in every Smash Bros game, is also constantly mistaken for his Anime Incarnation Andy Summer, despite the fact that both Falcons are part of different continuities with their own distinct timelines, lore, and character incarnations. Interestingly anime Falcon's unmasked appearance resembles Falcon's appearance in X's ending, but with dark brown hair like in GX.
  • Captain Falcon is infamously known as "Douglas Jay Falcon." The name is not canon along with a supposed biography of him owning an archipelago and rumored to be a former member of a fictional police force. That information, along with 29 other F-Zero X era pilot bios were believed to be exclusive to the Nintendo of America F-Zero X website, which is now defunct and redirects to Nintendo's main website page now. The website pilot biographies conflict heavily with established canon and official content in F-Zero.
    • Nintendo of America is also believed to have cut the manual bios short for the US manual in comparison to the JP manual for F-Zero X, thus taking the shorter/cut manual bios and expanding upon them for the alleged website bios. The website bios are part of what has been called "Snaky Lore" by some members in the F-Zero Community, the phrase in which specifically was coined by TheNobleOne15.
      • There are seemingly another set of "Snaky Lore" profiles written by Shawn Sackenheim on allgame.com. However, these are nowhere near canon and are a mix of Nintendo of America's F-Zero X website pilot bios as well as original writing. Do not treat them as a basis for fan content or canon, as the allgame.com profiles themselves are fan content and are equally unreliable as the original "Snaky Lore" profiles.
  • In an E3 2002 video showcasing various titles including a very early pre-rendered footage of F-Zero GX, Captain Falcon's age is listed as 38, with a height of 190 cm (roughly 6'3 ft) and what may appear to be a weight of 95kg (209 lbs). His birth planet is unknown, and he is stated to have the most victories as an F-Zero champion.
    • It may be possible that these attributes were once considered to be implemented into the final version of F-Zero GX, but ultimately never made it in. Plus, Falcon's age in the final version of F-Zero GX is 37.
    • While this may provide just a shred of possibly canon information, fans should be wary of the possibility that this may not have been intended to be taken seriously, but is still very much a strong sort of lead.
    • Additionally, if this is to be taken as canon minus the age, Port Town would be confirmed to NOT be on Earth, as Earth is listed to be Dr. Stewart's birth planet. Dr. Stewart is stated to be from Mute City, which for the longest time, has been implied to be on Earth, and because the SNES manual states there are 15 F-Zero courses across 9 different planets, this further cements the idea that Port Town is NOT on Earth.
    • Oddly, Captain Falcon and Samurai Goroh's heights (190 cm and 173 cm respectively) from the video seem to contradict the scales of their final in-game F-Zero GX models, as Goroh is actually taller than Falcon.
  • Captain Falcon's F-Zero X Master Ending seems to have been retconned by GX, as he hasn't retired nor plans to. He also has dark brown hair in GX and Super Smash Bros Brawl, instead of black in X. His separate anime incarnation has dark brown as well.
  • He saved Mrs. Arrow's (alleged) baby in his own pilot video, at the cost of ripping his own pants. He has polka dot boxers.
  • It is speculated that Captain Falcon may or may not have a relationship with Jody Summer, due to John Tanaka's Master pilot video in F-Zero GX. Speculations range from pretending in order to dissuade John Tanaka from pursuing Jody romantically, a one-sided crush on Falcon from Jody's end, just another joke in the generally comedic master pilot videos, a cliche of where the damsel in distress falls for the hero, or a legit relationship.
    • However, there are notable issues with the possibility of a real relationship as Falcon and Jody have never had any sort of chemistry nor known interactions, with very minor exceptions. Those exceptions are when she told him and Samurai Goroh to "Move it, old men!" in the back of the F-Zero X box art when she raced by them, Falcon very briefly rescuing her in the GX Chapter 5 Story Mode and handing her over to Tanaka, and Jody holding Falcon's arm and walking with him as she ignores John Tanaka in the latter's Master pilot video in F-Zero GX. The series has never acknowledged Jody and Falcon's alleged romantic connection in any other instance.
    • Given the implications of Falcon's lifestyle as a mysterious bounty hunting racer with possibly many enemies, a relationship does not seem too likely for him to pursue. The events of F-Zero X to F-Zero GX is also only about one year in the main timeline, and whether Falcon and Jody have known each other prior to F-Zero X is not stated.
    • Although the Anime and its contents have nothing to do with the Main side of the F-Zero series, the Anime incarnation of Captain Falcon is an entirely different person from the Mainverse Captain Falcon, but he (Anime incarnation) is the older brother of the Anime incarnation of Jody Summer.

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