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For Andy's Main Universe counterpart, commonly referred to by a non-canon name of 'Douglas' for better differentiation, see Captain Falcon.

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Andy Summer (aka Captain Falcon / 'Bart Lemming (or Burt Lemming)' / Berserker) was the pilot of the Blue Falcon and Red Bull, the owner of the Falcon House, and was also Jody Summer's older brother.

As Captain Falcon, he was a bounty hunter and racer, determined to prevent the universe from falling under Black Shadow's rule of darkness, and ultimately sacrificed himself in the end to ensure that the universe would be at peace.

Successors of any Captain Falcon (Anime Universe ONLY) inherit the title of Captain Falcon. According to the Legend of Falcon, Andy was believed to be the personification of light (good) to Black Shadow’s dark (evil), locked in a long universal battle in which ‘the Savior of the Universe’ Ryu Suzaku would sweep the tide in favor of light.

As somewhat of a fourth wall breaker, Andy was also the host of the Bart's F-Zero Classroom segments that would take place after the credits and Next Episode previews in all Laps of the anime, except for Lap 51. Rather than make an appearance as 'Bart Lemming,' he used his puppet to do the presentations.


'Bart Lemming' references.

Andy was an adult man who claimed he was "pretty old" or "a nice middle." He had brown hair, parted to one side, and blue eyes.

As the manager of the Falcon House, 'Bart Lemming,' he was usually seen in his barista outfit consisting of a red bowtie on a white shirt with rolled up sleeves to the elbows, a black waist apron, dark pants, and dark shoes.

His puppet during the Bart's F-Zero Classroom segments closely resembled a humorous caricature of his 'Bart Lemming' appearance.

As Captain Falcon, he sported a blue suit with gold buttons, red interior collar, yellow scarf, brown holster, double layer gloves (yellow hands, red forearms), golden boots with falcon designs on them, and a red helmet with yellow accents and a falcon crest. His scarf has been out a few times, seen in the eyecatches for the latter half of the series and during Lap 51 when he Falcon Punched Black Shadow.

Andy Summer under the disguise of 'Berserker.'

As Berserker, he wore a dark teal hooded robe with red accents, red fingerless gloves, green pants, and brown boots. His shoulder pads consisted of an outer red lining, with black and yellow details. His face was usually obscured, minus the lower half of it.


Andy Summer changed his personality slightly depending on the persona he took on. It can be assumed, that even though he did take on at least three different identities (Bart, Falcon, Berserker), some aspects of him were true. He was protective of his younger sister, Jody Summer, for instance. It is also best to assume that he had some level of self-confidence, and was a professional at what he did. He also had a very strong passion for justice, and was kindhearted.

As 'Bart Lemming,' he was a kind, soft-spoken, mentor type (to Ryu Suzaku) who also came off as somewhat of a father figure (to Clank Hughes). He offered advice to his troubled customers and would even close up the Falcon House early for private conversations.

The Bart puppet was, however, a more exaggerated and humorous take on Bart Lemming. The puppet offered trivia revolving around the anime or what had occurred during the episode.

As Falcon, he may have come off as somewhat stoic and serious, although Falcon could be seen smirking or having his smug moments at times. He also displayed good sportsmanship at some points, commending Ryu for making one of their F-Zero races a great one. After he came clean about being Andy Summer, Bart, and Falcon, he began lending a hand occasionally to Ryu and the Elite Mobile Task Force. He was also dedicated to ensuring that his end goal was met, and ultimately sacrificed himself to make sure Black Shadow stayed down.

As Berserker, he did not speak much, if at all. Like his Falcon persona, Berserker was also mysterious. Berserker appeared to be stoic and serious as well, and was Andy's shortest disguise phase.


F-Zero Farukon Densetsu (Anime)


Andy Summer grew up in Port Town, having to raise his younger sister Jody Summer after their parents had passed away. As Andy became an officer in the Galaxy Police, he was joined by his sister out of admiration. At some point, he had also become best friends with another officer, a Galaxy Police spy named Roy Hughes. Unbeknownst to those closest to him, Andy Summer had taken on the persona of 'Captain Falcon,' and would become known as an extraordinary bounty hunter and F-Zero pilot.


In the year 2196, Andy (as Captain Falcon) infiltrated a Dark Million smuggling operation on a Heru transport ship. After handling a couple of Dark Soldiers, he encountered Roy Hughes, undercover as a Dark Million henchman. Roy did not recognize Andy as Falcon until moments afterwards, but Zoda had interrupted and engaged in a struggle with Roy. As Roy urged for Falcon to flee the area, Zoda shot Roy, but the latter had enough energy to set off a detonator within the ship. Falcon then left in his machine, the Blue Falcon, but wishing if he had known that Roy had been present, that he (Andy) would never have gone there.


Andy, protecting his younger sister from the blast of Zoda's attack.

In the year 2198, the Galaxy Police was engaged in a shootout with Dark Million. Andy rushed into the middle of the action having been described as 'courageous.' His younger sister, Jody Summer, followed after him, but was caught off guard by Zoda and his rocket launcher. Andy supposedly died or faked his death after protecting Jody, from the blast. This took place 3 years before 2201, with 2201 being the start of the anime.

What happened beyond that point immediately after his 'death' is unclear, as the anime itself does not seem to provide a definite statement on what occurred. Andy's body was brought into Memory Park, but Jody herself 'dispatched the workers' (according to the English fansub of Lap 31) before it arrived.


At some point, presumably after his feigned death, Andy (as Falcon) would provide Dr. Stewart with a data chip. The chip contained information revolving around the the urgent need to obtain all the Reactor Mights in order to prevent darkness from taking over the universe. Falcon would also provide plans to install a Reactor Might into a machine which would become known as the Dragon Bird. The machine would have to be driven by a capable pilot other than Falcon, and the pilot would be the chosen savior of the universe.


Andy Summer, as 'Bart Lemming / Burt Lemming.'

Even though Andy supposedly died as a Galaxy Police officer in the year 2198, it turned out that Andy was actually still alive by unknown means, and took up a different identity by the name of ‘Bart Lemming’. As ‘Bart’, he was the owner of the Falcon House, a popular café located in Mute City.

Andy as Captain Falcon, seen at the end of Lap 1.

Meanwhile, Andy, as Captain Falcon, would continue to make appearances throughout the galaxy, and was noted to be a commendable racer and bounty hunter. Although he was often the winner of the races, he had lost a few times.


Andy Summer as 'Berserker,' up close.

Sometime after Andy was thought to be dead as Captain Falcon (this time in the year 2202, after being sucked into vortex leading to Dark Space, with Blood Falcon), he reappeared on Don Genie’s side under the undercover alias of Berserker. This was only to infiltrate Dark Million, as he unmasked the Berserker disguise sometime after to reveal the Captain Falcon attire underneath as the series was approaching its conclusion. And after rekindling his sibling bond with Jody again, he was a prominent figure in the final battle against Black Shadow on the Dark Star.

From Lap 51. The last time Andy Summer is seen, smiling after landing his Falcon Punch on Black Shadow.

When the tides officially turned in favor of light, Andy stated to his sister, Jody, that his final task was approaching. After the Dark Matter Reactor was overloaded, Andy then declared Ryu Suzaku as the next Captain Falcon before ejecting himself from the Blue Falcon, right into a furious Black Shadow’s path. Helmet flying off, Andy would deliver a fatal Falcon Punch that ultimately killed Black Shadow but also himself in the process.

F-Zero GP Legend (GBA game)

Andy Summer (though not addressed by that name in this game) appears as Captain Falcon, as both a playable character with the Blue Falcon, and one of the 8 Story Mode characters to choose from.

F-Zero GP Legend PAL Manual
Cfgpl.png Captain Falcon

(US): His existence is veiled in mystery. There are many who believe that there's more to him than just a simple bounty hunter. The day may soon come when everything about him is revealed before all.

(PAL): A figure shrouded in mystery. Many believe he is more than a mere bounty hunter. Someday we may find out what lies behind the mask…

F-Zero GP Legend Story Mode

As this game has inconsistency issues due to being loosely based on the anime (and being released only 8 episodes into its original JP air time), the Story Mode may be considered non-canon.

  1. His route begins in Mute City. Entrusted to escort Dr. Clash, the mission doesn’t go as planned. Upon catching up to Dr. Clash, Falcon warns him not to step out of his machine just before Zoda appears and kidnaps Dr. Clash.
  2. Falcon then meets Ryu Suzaku in Mute City and urges him to help pursue Zoda. Then upon learning of Ryu’s history with Zoda and coming across ‘Zoda’, Falcon and Ryu realize they fell for a decoy. (Bio Rex and Zoda swapped machines.)
  3. With the setting changed to Red Canyon, Falcon encounters Samurai Goroh who has been poisoned. Falcon is accused of being responsible and is challenged to a race for the antidote Goroh thinks Falcon has, but Falcon seeks information on something else. Falcon then wins the race.
  4. He runs into Blood Falcon in Port Town. Blood Falcon sabotages the Blue Falcon, however, leaving Falcon stranded until Lisa Brilliant arrives and helps switch out the defective parts for (presumably) a price.
  5. On Sand Ocean, Falcon encourages his sister Jody Summer, and races against Blood Falcon.
  6. Having business to finish with Black Shadow on the planet Lightning, the two race, resulting in the Black Bull exploding. Jody checks in with her brother (unbeknownst, however, as she assumed her brother had been murdered in this game), saying that Dr. Clash is safe and asks if Falcon had been contacted by him, before stating it was a close call. Falcon merely states he is just a simple bounty hunter, and carries on his way.

F-Zero Climax

As Captain Falcon

F-Zero Climax
FZCCF.png Captain Falcon (JP): F-ZEROグランプリにおける究極のパイロット。



[Proper English Translation required.]

As Berserker

F-Zero Climax
FZCBerserker.png Berserker (JP): とつじょダークミリオンに現れたナゾのスゴうでパイロット。


[Proper English Translation required.]



  • Andy Summer is constantly mistaken for his Main Universe counterpart due to the fact they only share the same title, and many fans and outsiders are unaware that the F-Zero anime and its related content are in a whole other continuity (or universe) than the entire Main Universe lineup.
    • They are not the same person, they merely share the same title. They are also part of separate continuities of the F-Zero series, which have their own lore and timelines to follow.
    • The confusion may also be due to Andy's Falcon Punch, which is infamously known in and outside the F-Zero community, but the move itself is inspired by Mainverse Falcon's Super Smash Bros. move.
  • It is never explained how Andy supposedly died from Zoda's rocket launcher blast, yet clearly survived since he was able to pose as a barista at the Falcon House for some time after this "death." Anime Jody herself was left in a serious condition, having almost half her body replaced with mechanical cyborg parts.
    • Additionally, Jody "dispatching the workers" at Memory Park where Andy's body was brought in, along with the fact his body is outright missing from its pod within the Galaxy Police HQ, only makes the circumstances of his death more confusing.
  • Andy never provided his age, but considered himself to be a "nice middle," which is Japanese slang for a good looking middle aged man. The subs render this as "pretty old."
  • Although he didn't actually have a real nor on screen girlfriend, he did say that an ideal lover for him would have black hair. The fansubs render this as "My girlfriend is the one who supports this program." and "I like girls with black hair."
  • Contrary to what the F-Zero fandom wiki claims, Andy Summer's birthday in the anime and its related content (F-Zero Climax specifically, since the F-Zero GP Legend GBA game does not offer birthdays) have always been stated to be on April 10th.
  • Andy also had blue eyes, not brown eyes. The claim of brown eyes may have stemmed from people not having seen the higher quality rips of the anime's episodes, as the low quality fansubs and common anime video content tend to make things difficult to see properly.
  • The Bart puppet, who had supposedly had 15 masters, was said to run on G-Diffuser, but the G-Diffuser part actually turned out to be a joke.
  • Rabbits were his favorite animal.
  • He had an array of skills as a barista, bounty hunter, racer, and artist.
  • (ANIME UNIVERSE ONLY) The Blue Falcon was stated to be #07 because it was a lucky number, according to ‘Bart.’
  • Andy's favorite food was tripe wrapped in a bundle, binded with thread.
    • However, he hated mushrooms, as the shape reminded him of Dark Million's battleships.
  • He also hated Black Shadow, calling him a devil and ridiculing him in various Bart's Classroom segments.
  • Andy also appeared in an F-Zero Grade School manga spin-off of the anime, published by CoroCoro. He was depicted as a child version of his Captain Falcon persona along with Ryu Suzaku who was also a child, and various other anime incarnations and anime characters. Scans of the eight issues of the manga are incomplete, hindering translation efforts further.


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