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Dr. Stewart is the pilot of the Golden Fox. He is known as a former surgeon[1] of elite status[2] and being a commendable F-Zero pilot.

His full name is Robert Stewart, and he is from Mute City.[2]

His father, Kevin Stewart, was a scientist and the designer of the Golden Fox.[2]


Dr. Stewart's blue eyes in The Story Of Captain Falcon comic.

Dr. Stewart appears as a slender man usually depicted in a yellow racing suit and a red scarf. He has brown hair, although it was depicted as blonde for one cutscene of the F-Zero GX Story Mode in Chapter 3.

Although his modern appearance depicts him with closed eyes, Dr. Stewart's original appearance in the SNES manual and The Story Of Captain Falcon once had open blue eyes.


Before F-Zero (SNES)

Some time before he became an F-Zero pilot, Dr. Robert Stewart was once a prized surgeon[1] of elite status,[2] from Mute City.[2] He was the son of the scientist known as Kevin Stewart.[2] When his father passed away, Dr. Robert Stewart inherited the Golden Fox. With the machine, he would enter the F-Zero Grand Prix, eventually revealing it was to prove his father's theories and for the thrill of the races.

F-Zero (SNES)

F-Zero SNES US manual
From Mute City.

Full name: Robert Stewart. Age: 31

Though he had followed the lifestyle of the elite as an accomplished and well respected medical doctor, he has participated in the F-ZERO Grand Prix as the pilot of the Golden Fox since the death of his father, the scientist, Professor Kevin Stewart.[2]

Before F-Zero X

During the huge accident that occurred 3 years before F-Zero X,[3] Dr. Stewart used his medical skills to save many lives and prevented casualties.[1]

F-Zero X

Dr. Stewart would be a returning pilot in the F-Zero competition, for the F-Zero X Grand Prix.

F-Zero X US manual
Age: 41

He’s been living in the fast lane as a doctor. Dr. Stewart became interested in the F-Zero X GP after the death of his father. The Golden Fox belonged to his father.[4]

F-Zero X JP manual
Age: 41

Dr. Stewart (JP): 医師としてのエリートコースを歩んでいたが、科学者である父、ケビン・スチュワート博士の死を契機に『F-ZERO』パイロットとしての人生を選ぶことになった。愛機『ゴールデン・フォックス』号は亡き父の遺産である。[3]

Dr. Stewart (English Translation by Sidier): He undertook an elite course as a medic, but when his father, the scientist Dr. Kevin Stewart, died, he chose to become a "F-ZERO" pilot. His beloved machine, the Golden Fox, is inherited from his father.[5]

F-Zero GX

By F-Zero GX, Dr. Stewart is stated to have over 10 years of racing experience,[1] being a regular pilot and one of the best in the competition.[1]

F-Zero GX in-game US Pilot Profile
His real name is Robert Stewart. A long time ago, he was a charismatic surgeon with legendary surgical skills. However, the death of his father, Kevin Stewart, provided him with the opportunity to become a pilot.

A regular racer with already over ten years of experience, he is still considered a top-class pilot. As a racer, he’s known for his refined and technical prowess and friendly demeanor.

In the big accident four years ago, Dr. Stewart put his skills as a paramedic to use and treated many of the injured. Miraculously, due to his heroic efforts, no fatalities occurred.[1]

F-Zero GX in-game JP Pilot Profile
Dr. Stewart (JP): 昔は,その神業とも言える手術テクニックでカリスマ的存在の外科医だった。しかし,科学者である父ケビン スチュワートの死を契機に「F-ZERO」パイロットの道に進む。すでに10年以上活躍している常連となったが,現在もトップクラスの選手として活躍している。いぶし銀のテクニック,通好みのパイロットとして人気を集めている。また,4年前の大事故では敏腕な緊急医として大勢の負傷者の治療にあたり,彼のおかげで奇跡的にも死者は出なかったと言われている。[6]
[Proper English Translation required.]

F-Zero GX US manual
Dr. Robert Stewart became an F-ZERO pilot after the death of his father, and even after 10 years, he’s still considered one of the most skilled pilots on the circuit. His skills helped avert any loss of life on the day of the horrific accident four years ago.

Note: Manual says 10 years, but in-game profiles say "over 10 years." As the GX manual contains slight oddities and inconsistencies, it is advised to rely more on the in-game profiles.

F-Zero GX Story Mode

He is seen briefly in the GX story mode in Chapter 3, visibly upset with the bet race results. However, he appears during Chapter 7 as part of the F-Zero GX Grand Prix lineup.

F-Zero GX Interviews

Dr. Stewart's autograph in F-Zero GX.

Dr. Stewart's Image Training


F-Zero GX- Dr Stewart Pilot Profile Movie -HD-

Dr. Stewart's Master Pilot video in F-Zero GX.

Upon beating any Grand Prix on Master mode with the Golden Fox, it will unlock a special video for Dr. Stewart, which also features his theme song.

The video begins with Dr. Stewart releasing petals from his hands, throwing them up before he begins to dance. The sky background eventually starts progressing into a number of effects; such as a rose border and a rainbow background with sparkles. Dr. Stewart does some flying motions until he realizes he can't actually fly. He scrambles as he ends up falling, and the background changes back to the blue sky with clouds.

F-Zero AX

Dr. Stewart is available from the start in F-Zero GX's arcade counterpart, alongside the other three pilots who originated from the SNES game, as well as 10 new pilots.

F-Zero Maximum Velocity

Although Dr. Stewart is arguably another major F-Zero pilot, he is also absent from Maximum Velocity and is only mentioned in the manual's intro along with Captain Falcon, as legendary F-Zero pilots who have retired after they "piloted their way to fame."[7]

According to only Nintendo Power, as there is no other source for this specific information, Dr. Stewart apparently designed Blitz Wagner's machine, the Silver Thunder. Although, there is nothing beyond that even though Mute City wiki and the other F-Zero fandom wiki are somehow convinced that Blitz Wagner was Dr. Stewart's protégé.

Other Appearances

Dr. Stewart has appeared in an F-Zero board game based on the SNES game's Knight League. Though the board game contains unique and exclusive art, there is also an illustration the back of the board game's manual, in which Dr. Stewart can be seen in a chibi-esque style, having won third place among the other 3 pilots.

Super Smash Bros. Series

Outside of F-Zero, Dr. Stewart has been featured in the Super Smash Bros. series as a trophy, seen from Melee to Smash for 3DS & Wii U. By Ultimate, he is featured as a Master Spirit and head of a Spirit Dojo. He teaches the Runner style to Spirits, boosting speed for the price of less jump height.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Melee Trophy Bio
Dr. Stewart inherited the Golden Fox upon the death of his father and soon became an F-Zero pacesetter. The Fox, which bears the lucky number 3, doesn't have the highest of traction ratings, but a skilled pilot will thrill at the sensation of drifting through corners. This machine requires a high degree of technical ability.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Trophy Bio
A charismatic former surgeon of a legendary statue, Dr. Stewart joined the F-Zero circuit after the death of his father. He once put his medical skills to use as a paramedic following an accident during a race. The Golden Fox (#03), passed down by his father, features excellent acceleration but awful grip, perfect for drift racing.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & Wii U

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & Wii U Trophy Bios
US: Dr. Stewart is a skilled, charismatic surgeon. He became an F-Zero pilot after the sudden, tragic death of his father, who also raced. Using the same machine his father raced with, the Golden Fox, Dr. Stewart employs skill and care to help avoid deadly accidents.
JP (English translation by Sidier): He was a charismatic surgeon but when his father, Kevin, a scientist, died, he decided to turn over into a F-Zero pilot. He takes on the challenge to fulfill his dreams of winning with the machine left behind by his father, the Golden Fox. It's said that when a huge accident happened during one race, it was thanks to him being a former medic that no-one died as a result.
PAL: When his father died, this brilliant and charismatic surgeon inherited the racing machine Golden Fox. It was then that he decided to become a pilot. He aspires to be a top racer, but occasionally finds that his other talents are still required. After one racing disaster in particular, his efforts kept the death toll at zero.

Note: The US bio is a matter of localization, and there is no evidence within F-Zero's canon that supports the claim. When comparing to the PAL and JP bios, it is quite apparent that someone on the localization team made things up. Dr. Stewart's father was never explicitly stated to be a racer, and any claim of it deriving from F-Zero X is wrong.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Dr. Stewart is a Spirit that can be found in the World of Light Adventure Mode within the Dark Realm. Once obtained, Dr. Stewart will run a Dojo that specializes in the Runner style.
Puppet Fighter: Dr. Mario
Conditions: Timed battle. The enemy heals over time. Items (food) will be pulled towards the enemy.
Class: Master.
Possible References: Dr. Mario and Dr. Stewart are both doctors. Healing over time and having food items (which are also capable of healing) also directly correlate to their profession.



  • Due to a misconception or straight up unsourced claim, Dr. Stewart is said (by the other F-Zero wiki and Mute City. org Wiki) to have a protege in the form of Blitz Wagner, one of the Maximum Velocity pilots.
    • In addition, Mute City Wiki claims this information is within the game manuals, but Blitz Wagner is not in the game manuals of any region. Blitz is, however, in the F-Zero For Gameboy Advance Very Fast Pilot Manual Guidebook, but has no stated connections with Dr. Stewart.[8]
    • The only thing that could possibly bridge the two pilots together is Nintendo Power, the only source that says Dr. Stewart designed Blitz Wagner's machine, the Silver Thunder but there is nothing beyond this.[9] Even a JP F-Zero fan site states the information is not in any known Japanese F-Zero content for the game, and albeit mistakenly, assumes the Nintendo Power article was an overseas manual.[10]
  • The F-Zero GX in-game pilot profile in English and Japanese differ slightly from the F-Zero GX manual bio in English, as the Pilot Profile says Dr. Stewart has over 10 years of experience in F-Zero, while the manual says it is just 10. It is not known if this is an issue in the JP manual bio as well or a matter of localization for manuals, as Nintendo of America seems to have a history of misinterpreting or localizing information.
  • Dr. Stewart once had his eyes open, as seen in his SNES iteration. As of X and GX, his eyes are seemingly always closed, no longer revealing the blue irises he once had.[2]
  • He wears his scarf for 'someone,' as a symbol of friendship.[6]
  • Dr. Stewart's age is seemingly the only non-jarring change from SNES to X (31 to 41) as the other two SNES pilots had unclear ages (Rumors and mere beliefs),[2] and Pico went from a clear age of 34 in SNES to a very high and unclear age of supposedly 123 in X. Dr. Stewart's age across the main games has been utilized in order to to pinpoint actual years within F-Zero's main timeline by some people.
    • However, due to many oddities in Main Universe lore and other pilot profiles, this "Dr. Stewart Age Theory" is not canon, but perhaps reliable enough to use for fan content. It may be arguably better than trying to determine the actual timeline based on F-Zero X's JP and English manual establishments and actually dealing with the oddities.
  • Although Dr. Stewart is depicted as having won third place in the SNES based board game, it is not known if this placement is meant to be taken as canon for the end of the SNES game's Grand Prix.

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