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F-Zero (stylized as F-ZERO) is a futuristic racing game released on November 21st, 1990 in Japan, as a launch title for the Super Famicom. North America would receive the game a year later on August 23rd, 1991 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), along with a release date of June 4, 1992 for Europe 1990. It was published by Nintendo and developed by the company's EAD Division.

It is the first game in the entire series, featuring four playable characters with their racing machines.


There is no Story Mode for the SNES game, but the manual discloses background information.

The game takes place in the 26th century, (US Manual states 2560, JP Manual states 2560s). The manual discloses the F-ZERO Grand Prix's origins as the result of a group of space merchants who grew bored of their wealthy lifestyles resulting from intergalactic trade and social expansion, after mankind and alien lifeforms had first contact sometime before.

Although people initially opposed the dangers of the first F-Zero Grand Prix, some of the dangers in which were placed by the Grand Prix organizers themselves, the same people grew to enjoy it. Soon enough, the sport became known as F-ZERO.

The Story Of Captain Falcon

The Story Of Captain Falcon is a short comic featured within the SNES game's manual, detailing a small series of events before the game's Grand Prix begins. It primarily stars one of the pilots, Captain Falcon, but the other playable pilots, Samurai Goroh, Dr. Stewart, and Pico, also make appearances towards the end of the comic.


As the game is a futuristic racing game, the player must choose one of the following four selectable machines to enter the Grand Prix with.

As the player enters a Grand Prix, the venues and tracks change depending on which League the player chooses.


  • Due to wording of the manual and comic, it is implied that the game's Grand Prix is not the first ever F-Zero Grand Prix. Some fans assume, however, that they might be the same or take place within the same year.

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