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Welcome to the F-Zero Facts Wiki, serving as your #1 source for all things pertaining to F-Zero lore and content.

What is F-ZERO?
F-Zero (usually styled as F-ZERO) is a high speed futuristic racing game series created and published by Nintendo. The high speed franchise features a colorful and varied cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities and backstories, along with their special machines, resulting in a beloved series to many fans. There are at least three universes for the F-Zero series, each with their own set of timelines, lore, and characters.

About The Wiki

There's 495 articles and 1,252 files on this wiki.

Although there are already at least two prominent F-Zero wikis (F-Zero fandom wiki and MuteCity.org wiki), this specific F-Zero wiki is just to fix their mistakes and hopefully clear up any common misconceptions about the F-Zero series, due to the vast amount of unsourced and questionable content presented on those other wikis. Protection of their pages in dire need of fixing, and many other factors of the other wikis, have called for this one to be created. There are also various issues(which include plagiarism) on the more prominent F-Zero fandom wiki specifically, as well as lots of misinformation.

All information presented on this site has been sourced directly from F-Zero games, literature, official interviews, and canon sources. The site is currently under construction and as such, may contain formatting errors and lack of direct citation for each article. This is also not spoiler-free when it comes to F-Zero GX's Story Mode nor the F-Zero GP Legend (Falcon Densetsu / Legend Of Falcon) anime.

This wiki aims to include basic summaries of canon/official information while also providing them. Speculations will be stated if necessary but clearly presented as speculation and most likely within trivia sections. Although this wiki aims to be a little more informative and go in depth than the F-Zero Master Document, check the doc for all canon/official resources, just in case anything bad or weird happens to any of the pages on this wiki. Though be aware, that this wiki will be adding on heavily to what has been included.

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