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F-Zero GX is a futuristic racing game released in 2003, developed by SEGA's Amusement Vision team and published by Nintendo.


F-Zero GX features a Grand Prix mode, VS Battle, Time Attack, Practice, an exclusive Story Mode, Replays, Machine Customization, and Pilot Profiles.

Along with the 30 pilots that appeared in F-Zero X, there are 11 new characters and machines to unlock, as well as new venues and tracks.

F-Zero GX also has an arcade counterpart known as F-Zero AX, where the gameplay differs slightly and 10 of the new pilots (along with the original four pilots who first appeared in the SNES game) are playable from the start.


The game's events take place one year after F-Zero X. There is also a new Story Mode option that follows Captain Falcon's attempt to make it to the F-Zero GX Grand Prix, with many obstacles in his path.

F-Zero GX Story Mode

Underworld F-Zero Champion Deathborn grants mercy upon Black Shadow, after the latter's failure to win the previous Grand Prix.

Meanwhile, Captain Falcon has been more than eager to get another title, and sets his eyes on the F-Zero GX Grand Prix. However, he had other tasks to carry out and faces many obstacles on his way to the Grand Prix, including Black Shadow and a near death experience.

Upon Falcon making it to the Grand Prix and winning it, Deathborn arrived to punish Black Shadow for failure to secure the F-Zero Champion's Belt, then challenged Captain Falcon to a race, presumably in the Underworld.

The following day, in the Underworld, Deathborn revealed that there are two universal forces of light and dark, each respectively condensed into a champion belt of Overworld F-ZERO and one of Underworld F-ZERO. When combined, they form one belt called the Ultimate Champion’s Belt, which grants the wearer to have control over the universe.

Deathborn, as the Creator’s greatest creation, wants to determine life across the galaxy as he sees fit, and Falcon won’t allow him to doom the universe. They race and Falcon wins. But he still can’t catch a break even at his own hideout, as The Creator, comes out of the belt, revealing they created the F-Zero universe and say that there are no universal forces. The JP script seems to say that the universal forces are not within the Ultimate Champion’s Belt, but the holder of the belt.

They challenge Falcon to a race. If Falcon loses, his soul is forfeited over and he will become their puppet. However, Falcon ultimately wins, and The Creator is sent spiraling out of existence.

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