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F-Zero X is a futuristic racing game released in 1998 for the Nintendo 64. It was published by Nintendo and developed by the company's EAD Division.

In 2000, the F-Zero X Expansion Kit was released in Japan for the N64DD, featuring a track editor and Super versions of the Blue Falcon, White Cat, and Fire Stingray, among other features.

Although BS F-Zero Grand Prix and its sequel were released after F-Zero (SNES), F-Zero X is considered to be a direct sequel to the SNES game. As such, the four SNES pilots and each of their machines return, with new designs. Among them, there are also 26 other new characters and machines to choose.


Although the game itself has no Story Mode or any semblance of one, the manuals provide insight on the events in F-Zero's Main Universe timeline and lore, as well as character biographies for all 30 pilots in the game. Despite its elements, it is not known if it can be completely tied to the SNES game, as there are various factors that seem to contradict or otherwise retcon previous establishments (such as Pico's age going from 34 to a self-proclaimed 123 year old with an overhaul in design).

F-Zero X takes place three years after an accident during an F-Zero Grand Prix, resulting in numerous pilots being injured, which then led to a suspension of the racing sport for three years. Among the injured, Mighty Gazelle was one of the worst cases and had to be revived as a cyborg. Due to misconceptions by fans, the infamous F-Zero X Nintendo of America website, and the missing information from the US manual of the game in comparison to the JP manual, fans were mistakenly led to believe that Mighty Gazelle had no direct involvement in the accident, among other misconceptions.

The suspension was ultimately lifted thanks to in-universe fan outcry, and the F-Zero Committee would revise rules and regulations in order to avoid another grand scale accident. The F-ZERO Grand Prix was also renamed to the F-Zero X Grand Prix for this occasion.

In addition, the manual adds a new element called F-MAX, which is the predecessor of the F-ZERO Grand Prix by 200 years. One of the pilots in the game, The Skull, happens to be an F-MAX racer who was revived in the present day and would participate in the F-Zero X Grand Prix. Other pilots are also stated or hinted at having previous F-Zero experience as well, such as Mrs. Arrow.


Pilots & Machines

Machine No. Pilot Machine Unlock Criteria
1 Mighty Gazelle Red Gazelle Default Machine.
2 Jody Summer White Cat Default Machine.
3 Dr. Stewart Golden Fox Default Machine.
4 Baba Iron Tiger Achieve 3 X's in Grand Prix mode.
5 Samurai Goroh Fire Stingray Default Machine.
6 Pico Wild Goose Default Machine.
7 Captain Falcon Blue Falcon Default Machine.
8 Octoman Deep Claw Achieve 3 X's in Grand Prix mode.
9 Mr. EAD Great Star Achieve 3 X's in Grand Prix mode.
10 James McCloud Little Wyvern Achieve 9 X's in Grand Prix mode.
11 Billy Mad Wolf Achieve 3 X's in Grand Prix mode.
12 Kate Alen Super Piranha Achieve 9 X's in Grand Prix mode.
13 Zoda Death Anchor Achieve 9 X's in Grand Prix mode.
14 Jack Levin Astro Robin Achieve 6 X's in Grand Prix mode.
15 Bio Rex Big Fang Achieve 3 X's in Grand Prix mode.
16 The Skull Sonic Phantom Achieve 12 X's in Grand Prix mode.
17 Antonio Guster Green Panther Achieve 12 X's in Grand Prix mode.
18 Beastman Hyper Speeder Achieve 12 X's in Grand Prix mode.
19 Leon Space Angler Achieve 12 X's in Grand Prix mode.
20 Super Arrow King Meteor Achieve 9 X's in Grand Prix mode.
21 Mrs. Arrow Queen Meteor Achieve 6 X's in Grand Prix mode.
22 Gomar & Shioh Twin Noritta Achieve 6 X's in Grand Prix mode.
23 Silver Neelsen Night Thunder Achieve 6 X's in Grand Prix mode.
24 Michael Chain Wild Boar Achieve 9 X's in Grand Prix mode.
25 Blood Falcon Blood Hawk Achieve 6 X's in Grand Prix mode.
26 John Tanaka Wonder Wasp Achieve 6 X's in Grand Prix mode.
27 Draq Mighty Typhoon Achieve 12 X's in Grand Prix mode.
28 Roger Buster Mighty Hurricane Achieve 9 X's in Grand Prix mode.
29 Dr. Clash Crazy Bear Achieve 3 X's in Grand Prix mode.
30 Black Shadow Black Bull Achieve 12 X's in Grand Prix mode.


Course No. Jack Cup Queen Cup King Cup Joker Cup X Cup
1 Mute City - Figure Eight Sector α - Inverted Loop Fire Field - Zig-Zag Jump Rainbow Road - Psychedelic Experience X
2 Silence - High Speed Red Canyon - Multi Jump Silence 2 - Wavy Road Devil's Forest 3 - Mirror Road X
3 Sand Ocean - Pipe Devil's Forest 2 - Up and Down Sector β - Double Somersault Space Plant - Cylinder & High Jump X
4 Devil's Forest - Corkscrew Mute City 2 - Technique Red Canyon 2 - Slim Line Sand Ocean 2 - Wave Panic X
5 Big Blue - Cylinder Big Blue 2 - Quick Turn White Land 2 - Half Pipe Port Town 2 - Snake Road X
6 Port Town - High Jump White Land - Dangerous Steps Mute City 3 - Jumps of Doom Big Hand - Deadly Curves X

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