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Disclaimer: Although this is part of F-Zero's Main Universe in terms of a related topic, the F-Zero X Nintendo of America website's content is not canon and is NOT backed up by official canon F-Zero information found in both English and Japanese sources (game manuals, official guidebooks, GX in-game pilot profiles, etc).

Second Disclaimer: This is not meant to discourage people from using the Nintendo of America website content for fan related creations. However, fans should ONLY be using the non-conflicting information, and should also conduct their own research into what is usable and what is not.

Third Disclaimer: Do NOT use Shawn Sackenheim's allgame.com F-Zero X pilot biographies as a reference, as they contain the NOA website bio information but are also fan content itself, as Sackenheim wrote original interpretations.

The F-Zero X Nintendo of America Website

The F-Zero X website (now defunct) was a website set up by Nintendo of America. The website was believed to be a form of promotional content, tying to the North American release of F-Zero X on the Nintendo 64 console in 1998.

Despite the fact that the website's pilot bios and elements conflict heavily with actual canon and official information from both English official sources and Japanese official sources, the website's content is infamously known and is mistakenly considered as canon information by many F-Zero fans, outsiders of the community, and two other prominent F-Zero wikis (F-Zero fandom wiki and Mute City.org wiki). Even Wikipedia itself.

Possible Origins For The Website Pilot Bios

When comparing the F-Zero X US manual with the F-Zero X JP manual, it is clear that there are elements in the JP manual that are actually missing in the US manual.

  • Such lost information in the F-Zero X US manual includes: Jody's role as a Galactic Space Federation fighter pilot, Leon's true home planet of Zou, Super Arrow NOT being a driver until the F-Zero X Grand Prix which was a Grand Prix that only occurred once in the entire Main Universe timeline, Mighty Gazelle being directly affected in the huge accident three years before F-Zero X, the Skull being an F-MAX pilot and having been already dead for 200 years prior to F-Zero X, and many other things.

Because the US manual pilot bios never included the JP manual content for some reason, it is believed that Nintendo of America used the US bios as a base and expanded upon them for the website bios, with inconsistent and bizzare fabrications.

Infamously Known Content

To provide a sample of what the Nintendo of America F-Zero X website content contained, readers may recognize some of these elements:

  • F-Zero X GP Academy
  • Super Arrow's alleged oldschool F-Zero stardom and experience
  • Horrific Grand Finale
  • The names Douglas Jay Falcon, Sterling LaVaughn, Monique L'Amoreux, Christopher Annex, Theodore Clash

None of this has ever been canon, and none of this has never been backed up by JP sources either.

The Lost Webcomic

A snippet of what could have possibly been the webcomic and a peek of the website (hence Super Arrow's presence), derived from an N64 Magazine.

Besides the pilot bios, it is widely believed that the website also hosted a webcomic with weekly issues. Two panels of the webcomic were previewed within N64 Magazine, but nothing more has been found to this day despite search efforts and reaching out by F-Zero fans.

Following the pilot biographies of the website, it is assumed that the webcomic would have also emphasized on these inconsistent pilot bios and their elements. Within the previews from the N64 magazine, this assumption is backed up by the mention of the "Horrific Grand Finale" by the Skull.

Origin Of The Fan Term "Snaky Lore"

A group of investigators in the F-Zero community had conducted research and analysis on the website's pilot biographies and the previews of the webcomic within the N64 magazine. Among Lifescythe, RR209, Siontix, and TheNobleOne15, it had been the latter of the group who had coined the phrase "Snaky Lore" to describe the entirety of the website's odd content.

"Snaky" would be derived from the last name of Jay Gonzo Snaky, a character mentioned in the NOA FZX website bio for Black Shadow, but "Snaky" is also used to describe the nature of the information presented on the website, as a lot of them are not proven by canon/official sources or outright clash with the JP information that was cut from the US manual.

The information in these pilot biographies have been spread all across the internet and causing further misinformation to spread. It has been called "Snaky Lore" by a group of investigators consisting of Lifescythe, Siontix, RR209, and TheNobleOne15 (who coined the phrase), who have conducted their own analysis of the biographies.

Again, these F-Zero X NOA website pilot biographies are not canon nor official, and they are not supported by any official and canon Japanese F-Zero content either.

The Big Disclaimer

Snaky Lore is full of inconsistencies and misinformation. Do not treat it as official or canon.

Fans may use the few bits that make sense for your fan content, but must remember that Snaky Lore is not canon or official, and has many inconsistencies and wrong information. Even replacing names and making slight adjustments would not fix it.

Also, something to be aware of is that the Snaky Lore bios use “F-Zero X” as an umbrella term in some cases, despite the fact it’s not MEANT to be an umbrella term. The real umbrella term for the F-Zero Grand Prix races is just "F-Zero." If one were to read up on actual canon official pilot bios, they would know who is an F-Zero X debut pilot and who isn't, and when the term "F-Zero X" will sound strange in these Snaky profiles.

In addition, fans must remember that F-Zero X is only ONE Grand Prix that only happened once in F-Zero's known existence, and canonically it happened 3 years after an accident (where no one died, and some X pilots such as Super Arrow and the Skull were NOT involved) that caused the suspension of F-Zero until the F-Zero X Grand Prix when the suspension was lifted. The F-Zero X Grand Prix was then followed by the F-Zero GX Grand Prix one year later.

So, presenting the F-Zero X Website bios, aka Snaky Lore.

The Website Pilot Profiles

Please remember that the F-Zero X Website Pilot Profiles are NOT canon, nor supported by actual canon and official content in English and Japanese sources for F-Zero's Main Universe. (Nor the Anime Universe, because it has nothing to do with this.)


The Mighty Gazelle's legend is well known. It's been publicized in nearly every media outlet in the solar system and is still talked about in the F-Zero X GP.

Before he joined the racing circuit, he had a lucrative career as a three dimension photographer. Between jobs he loved to play video games with his neighborhood kids. He was so good at the piloting games that he decided to try his luck at the real thing. Before he knew it, he was qualifying for races and then winning them.

One of the heartbreaking parts of his story is that just before his accident, he was engaged to be married. When his fiancée came to visit him at the hospital and saw the cyborg implants and modifications, she was horrified and ran from the hospital, crying. He never saw her again.

Since the Mighty Gazelle announced that he was rejoining the F-Zero X circuit, he's come under constant criticism and press attention... Mostly because he has once again become a legitimate contender for the championship title.


When she was 14, Jody Summer competed against men and women twice her age, taking 4th place in the dodecathalon at the Galactic Games.

When Jody was sixteen, she became the 3rd person to ski across the Delaney Ice Plateau on Europa Prime.

When she turned 18, she became the 2nd person to climb Mars' Olympus Mons, the highest mountain in the solar system.

Despite all that she's accomplished, Jody still feels like she can't win. Just as she began training for the F-Zero X GP, Jody's father, the late Professor Masson Summer, died when his ship crashed during a routine flight to attend an engineering conference in the Leonid sector.

Jody renamed her machine "White Cat," using the nickname her father gave her as a child. She now races in her father's name, as a 24-year old rookie more determined than ever to finally come in first.


You could say that Garron Andrew Stewart was born into a racing family. His father, Gilbert Arthur Stewart, was a highly successful pilot in the underground race world and eventually in the F-Zero X GP.

At his father's urging, Garron pursued a career in medicine instead of racing. Unfortunately, life's temptations got the best of him and Dr. Stewart soon found himself living in life's fast lane.

Over the years, he lost track of his father. Then one day, he got word of a terrible accident at the F-Zero X GP. His father was dead. But rumors began to surface that it wasn't an accident... but murder. Determined to learn the truth, Dr. Stewart repaired his father's F-Zero Machine "The Golden Fox" and joined the F-Zero X GP. As he searches for clues to his father's death, he also tries hard to live up to his name. The one thing Dr. Stewart never counted on was that he inherited some of his father's natural racing talent.


He's young, he's tough, and he has no idea what he's about to get himself into. Although he's just a rookie, Baba Orninion thinks he has what it takes to be champion.

Baba comes from a large family living on the planet Hai 4. He was always an exceptional athlete and had many offers from professional sports teams. But his dream was to race in the F-Zero X.

Baba is a great competitor. His secret is his intelligence. While he comes across as an arrogant fly-boy who is full of himself, he is also an extremely observant and as absorbent for new information or racing strategies as a Vermoo is for blood.

Baba's one of the academy's brightest students and most aggressive competitors. His greatest talent may be his knack for annoying the other racers. It's not just his cocky attitude, he's such a quick learner. If you show him a new move, he'll study it, he'll learn it, and then he'll improve upon it.

He has incredible intuition and is amazingly flexible. Even though Baba's only been driving for two years, he has already won some races.


Samurai Goroh claims to be a descendant of the great samurai families of ancient Japan. He spent many years on the Internova Police Force where his partner and he would often modify their police vehicles for higher performance and speed. Unfortunately, they became cavalier in attitude, and took liberties which eventually led to their banishment from law enforcement. Samurai Goroh still blames his former partner, but seldom speaks of the incident that led to their expulsion.

As a notorious bounty hunter, Samurai Goroh continues to do the same job he once did as a policeman. His immense strength and martial arts ability make him a much-feared threat to high bounty criminals throughout the galaxy.

Samurai Goroh is also the leader of an ever changing gang of dangerous space thieves, respected purely out of fear.

He and Captain Falcon have long been bitter rivals, both as bounty hunters and as F-Zero X racers. GP officials try to keep these two separated in most heat, but everyone looks forward to their blood rivalry during the Death Race.


Pico has a past. The problem is he doesn't want anyone to know about it. His race suggests that he is from planet Tortiz 3. Although his age is supposedly 123, on his planet he's still considered a teenager.

It's well known that Pico used to work for a small, elite unit of the renowned Poripoto Army in the Argilian Wars. His unit was responsible for the assassination of over 70 top officials - and in each case the killers were never seen, heard of captured. When the wars ended, Pico disappeared for a time, but it was rumored that he was working as a high-paid hit man.

On the day Pico first showed up at the F-Zero X GP Academy, a naive young pilot called him "The Turtle Man." That pilot hasn't been heard from since.

Yet, Pico doesn't have a temper that anyone's ever seen. He's very calm, but on the race track... he's notoriously aggressive. The one question on everyone's mind: "Has Pico really retired as an assassin?"


Some men are good. Some men are evil. Captain Douglas Jay Falcon qualifies as a little bit of both. But then, men who make a living hunting other men aften walk the line between law and disorder.

No one is sure why he is called "Captain," although it is rumored that he was once an officer on the Internova Police Force. There is no evidence to back up this story, and Captain Falcon is a private man who will disclose nothing about his past. He is almost as elusive about his present day life, as he is a fierce bounty hunter who must protect himself from his dangerous enemies at all times.

Captain Falcon makes his home on a string of islands off of Port Town. Guarded by high security, each island has a practice race course for his F-Zero X speeder, the Blue Falcon. There are only two things that will lure Captain Falcon away from his archipelago fortress: the lure of a high bounty, or the chance to compete in the F-Zero X GP.


The mysterious Octoman comes from Takora - a massive, water-covered planet in a remote arm of the galaxy.

The Takorans refused to join the Milky Way Federation after repeated attempts by various Federation-sponsored missions to siphon off their great oceans. All attempts to infiltrate the planet of Takora have met with failure. So it was nothing short of a complete surprise when Octoman showed up for trials in the F-Zero X GP.

The reinstated GP rules allow any qualified driver to participate, regardless of citizenship. Many F-Zero X fans have come to gawk at Octoman, in hopes of learning something about his mysterious planet. Octoman himself refuses to speak of Takora, claiming that it is forbidden.

The name "Octoman" is not his real name, but rather a rendering of a difficult collection of clicks and whistles, part of the ultrasonic language spoken on Takora.

Octoman limits his conversation only to talk of boost ratios, ignition curves, and the allowable body modifications. Octoman prefers the company of Mr. EAD, Mrs Arrow, and Dr. Clash, all of whom seem to engage his razor-sharp mind.

In the single interview he granted with the Galactic Reporter, Octoman revealed that he is married with nine children, and that all citizens of Takora are required to watch and memorize every one of Octoman's races.

#09-MR. EAD

Mr. EAD is 100% cyborg. He's the result of years of work and research by the mysterious development group known as EAD.

His self-sustaining, perpetual learning programming is constantly trying to improve itself. He sees racing as a way to test his ever-growing IQ and debug his man-made programming. Mr. EAD is a perfectionist. He cannot settle for less than the absolute best in everything he does. Consequently, he finds himself constantly in a state of frustration.

He is determined to keep improving himself until he has achieved ultimate perfection. This makes him very dangerous on the racetrack. He'll never make the same mistake twice. If he notices a flaw, he will eliminate it. There's no emotion involved. Just a methodical, diligent process of improvement.

Most racers either avoid or make fun of Mr. EAD, but those who have gotten to know him have learned that he has a sense of humor. But when it comes to winning, he's as serious as a laser beam.


It has already been well-documented that in the 24th century, lawlessness dominated the galaxy. The police were corrupt, the armed forces were corrupt, and the Ring Coalition government was the most corrupt of all.

In the midst of the galaxy-wide quarantine brought on by the Germ Wars, an unlikely group of philosophy professors, soldiers, and engineers formed an alliance based on principles of freedom and justice. They called themselves Galaxy Dog, the watchdog of the Milky Way.

At first, they considered their little club something of a joke - after all, who could patrol the entire galaxy? But under the leadership of Professor Shields Wyvern, a three-foot tall Swangorian expert in military policing, Galaxy Dog turned into a full-fledged ranger force.

People everywhere depended on "the Dog" to act as police, judge, and jury where none existed. Galaxy Dog helped the Milky Way Federation restore government and order to the many solar systems in chaos. To this day, the Federation allows Galaxy Dog and its trained rangers to continue their independent policing of all Federation worlds.

Unfortunately, funding has dried up in recent years, and despite Galaxy Dog's unblemished two hundred year history of good works, the group will have to shut down if they cannot come up with a large source of cash soon. James McCloud, the current leader of Galaxy Dog, hopes to save the group by winning the F-Zero X GP. He has converted his space fighter, the Little Wyvern, into a F-Zero machine. With Galaxy Dog at stake, James McCloud's eyes are on the prize.


Billy is not only the first monkey to participate in the F-Zero X GP, but he also is the youngest pilot. But things are not always as they seem...

First off, Billy's real name is Eeeach Koo-koo-koo Yia, but since that's too hard for most people to pronounce, they just call him Billy. Second, Billy is not actually a monkey. While he may resemble Earth's monkey species, he's actually a simian from the planet Odyapes. Another peculiar feature of Billy is that his species only lives to be 16 years old.

So, in many ways, Billy is actually not as young as people naturally assume. In spite of all that, one thing is as it seems: Billy is a great pilot. His effortless ability to maneuver around any track always makes him someone to watch out for in any race.

Billy is actually one of the more popular characters with the other pilots. He's friendly, playful, and always game to get in a tangle. In spite of his kind treatment, Billy harbors feelings of resentment for those who make fun of his racing.

When he races, he's determined to prove that monkeys are the superior species.


No one can deny that Kate Alen has talent. Before entering the intense racing world of the F-Zero X GP, she was a hugely popular singer and dancer. Her song "A Little Love Never Hurt No One" still gets airplay to this day.

Her parents were both major recording artists in their day and they wanted to assure that their 11 kids would have the same opportunity. Kate was the youngest of a performing kid group called the "Alen Eleven." It wasn't that she wanted to be a star... it was just that she was expected to be one.

When she turned 21, she left the family group to pursue a solo career. In spite of her lack of enthusiasm, she continued to record hit after hit. And with fame, came a deeper longing in Kate for something new and challenging.

It was while on tour four years ago that she drove her first F-Zero Machine and she was instantly hooked. She quit the music biz, immediately enrolled herself in the F-Zero X GP Academy, and after years of hard work and practice, she just recently made her debut in the Grand Prix. Many think a new racing star has just been born.


During the F-Zero X prohibition period, no racing was allowed by the Federation. Still, many racers went underground to hone their skills in secret. A code existed among these outlaw racers: to support one another, to strictly adhere to the F-Zero X formula and regulations, and to keep their sport alive at all costs. Zoda was an underground racer who broke this code.

The leader of the Zolorkian Coalition from the planet 41 Uma, Zoda has repeatedly led attacks on Earth, hoping to establish a Zolorkian world government and use the planet for mining, refueling, and gambling. While scouting the planet for natural resources, Zoda began competing in the prohibition races. During this time, Zoda tried to charm Mrs. Arrow, but she would have nothing to do with Zoda.

Additionally, Zoda would routinely rebuild his machine beyond the F-Zero X formula to give himself an unfair [and unsafe] advantage over the other drivers. On the day that Zoda's over-tuned machine led to the deaths of two other racers, Captain Falcon captured 26 of Zoda's men, returning them to Federation officials for a large bounty. Zoda swore revenge upon both Captain Falcon and the Arrows. He hopes to eliminate them during the GP Death Race.


Every sport has its pretty boys, and Jack Levin is, without a doubt, the poster child for F-Zero X racing. Every Jack Levin action figure, Jack Levin trading card, and Jack Levin holographic Halloween costume sells out as quickly as it can be produced. When Jack Levin makes public appearances, he is swarmed by hordes of female fans, who swoon in his presence. Many older racers in the GP are disgusted by the attention this 18-year-old newcomer has been receiving.

Yet, behind the fresh face of this rookie, lies the hardened soul of a veteran. Jack's father disappeared when Jack was four, leaving behind Jack's mother and three small kids in a small tube apartment in New Brooklyn. Jack grew up taking care of his two younger sisters, and tending to his mother, who was stricken with Gonskie flu and became permanently bedridden when Jack turned nine. Although he spent most of his childhood in poverty, Jack was blessed with unmatched good looks.

When the F-Zero X GP returned to prominence, Jack was selected after a galaxy-wide search for a driver who could attract a younger audience. Unbeknownst to Jack, his sisters entered his school photograph in the competition. Everyone was surprised when Jack won, but no one should be surprised at his popularity with the ladies - Jack has long been worshipped by his sisters and his mother. Jack used his new-found fame and wealth to move his family to a big house, provide medical care for his mother, and customize his Astro Robin machine to give it the strongest grip in the GP.

Although he's young, Jack Levin has learned one thing from his experiences so far: As long as you've got the grip to hang on through the hard times, you're bound to come out on top.


Bio Rex is the product of the latest genetic evolution. The evolution of biotechnology, that is. Developed by the Keerlon Corporation in their high-security laboratories on the space station K-22 in orbit around Jupiter, Bio Rex is the product of the latest genetic manipulation research that was outlawed on Earth centuries ago.

Since Bio Rex represented a breakthrough in intelligence and strength, the Keerlon Corp decided to generate publicity by sponsoring Bio Rex in the F-Zero X GP. There were press conferences, interviews, appearances, and constant public and private scrutiny. Bio Rex grew less and less patient with the constant attention. He just wanted to race. Soon Bio Rex's temper made for some embarrassing press about Keerlon Corporation. They soon withdrew their support, but Bio Rex continues to race on his own. He's determined to prove that his new species is actually superior to all others... and if he keeps winning races, he might just make his point.


The spookiest story of the F-Zero X GP has to be the story behind The Skull. If the legend is to be believed, The Skull used to be a pilot in the old days of the Grand Prix [two centuries ago] when the race was a violent, bloody spectacle. His name was Sterling LaVaughn, and he was one of the lucky ones. He was able to survive race after race without serious injury. But he knew his luck couldn't last and that he too would most likely die a gruesome death. Out of fear and desperation, he began searching for a way to keep himself alive. He turned to a combination of science and black magic in hopes for a solution.

Then his day of death came. It was the infamous Grand Finale of the Grand Prix. He was part of the violent, fiery accident that burnt so many people to death that day. But the black magic worked. He emerged from his grave alive, but as a mass of bone and putrid deteriorated flesh. He realized he would've been better off dead.

Today, The Skull has returned to the only source of happiness he has ever known: racing. He is encouraged to learn that he's become a much better pilot... Now that he's no longer afraid of death.


After Samurai Goroh was dishonorably discharged from the Internova Police Force, he paid a visit to Antonio Guster, one of his most trustworthy informants. Guster had already heard the news about the bust in the Unaligned Sectors, and quickly accepted Goroh's offer of a new kind of partnership. For three years, Goroh and Guster were inseparable as bounty hunters. Their friends used to call them the Fu-kakes, a reference to the twin-like behavior of the bizarre Furikake people. But never to their face. Goroh and Guster were a vicious team that would stop at nothing to haul in creatures with a high bounty on their heads.

However, one night, the two were escorting the evil Lord Kimbo back to their ship on the Takoran moon, when Goroh deserted Guster in one of the shanty towns dotting this plasma-drilling outpost. Guster was captured by Takoran guards, who tortured him and would have killed him, had he not escaped with the help of three other prisoners.

When Guster returned home, he found Goroh spending the massive bounty he had collected on Kimbo. Antonio Guster now trusts no one, and has sworn revenge on his former mentor, Samurai Goroh. Look for some intense competition between these two during the GP Death Race.


Many people claim they had a traumatic childhood. Beastman really did. At age 7, Christopher Annex fell into a pool of alligators in a Florida gamepark. One of the largest alligators attacked young Christopher, leaving him scarred for life - both physically and emotionally. In retaliation, he grew up to be a voracious hunter known as Beastman, a deadly sharpshooter who was feared by animals all over the galaxy.

In an effort to vent these aggressive tendencies in a healthy environment, he began training for the F-Zero X GP.  He quickly became one of the GP's most skilled and aggressive pilots. Beastman has recently been returning to his old ways and is now quietly advertising his "services" to others in the Grand Prix.


Everyone knows that Leon isn't the brightest pilot in the galaxy, but that doesn't mean he's not a great racer. Nature sometimes gives certain creatures abilities that, if possessed by humans of other species, would be considered superpowers. Leon's species seems to have the sharp reflexes and natural instinct for racing that gives him a natural edge over others. Leon hails from the planet Kericho.

He was "discovered" by the vacationing Arrow family when they let Leon take Super Arrow's King meteor for a little spin. Much to their shock and amazement, Leon was able to maneuver through the trees and terrain with a startling agility and speed. They spoke with Leon's family about his natural talent and persuaded them to let Leon enroll in the Academy and develop his obvious gifts. They paid for everything. They even donated his F-Zero Machine, the "Space Angler."

Since Leon isn't the brightest light on the Christmas tree, he gets teased by some of the other pilots. But every time Leon performs well in the Grand Prix, the pilots tease him a little less, and the Arrows have to smile a little more.


No two individuals are more associated with the F-Zero races than Super Arrow and his wife, Mrs. Arrow.

Super Arrow had been the most promising rising star in the old GP races, sponsored by a collection of rich space merchants and the Falconi family. It was Lazlo Falconi that gave Super Arrow his pet falcon, a mechanical cyber-pet that relays messages between Super and Mrs. Arrow when they are in separate pods of the F-Zero X Racing Academy.

Super Arrow founded the academy soon after the horrific Grand Finale crash that killed the Skull and 13 other drivers. On that day, Super Arrow escaped unscathed, driving to a bittersweet victory. His sponsors were ecstatic at his win, but Super Arrow determined that day that F-Zero racing must change. His impassioned speech in front of the Federation Congress actually led to establishment of the Academy.

While recruiting racers from the illegal underground race teams during the F-Zero racing prohibition that followed the Grand Finale crash, Super Arrow encountered Zoda, a reckless racer who would soon become his arch enemy. Yet, it was also during these recruiting trips that Super Arrow met Monique L'amoreaux. Amazed at her natural racing ability and stunning good looks, Super Arrow immediately fell in love, and the two were soon married. Together, they worked to establish new regulations for F-Zero racing and its eventual reinstatement by the Federation.

Now, Super Arrow and Mrs. Arrow run the Academy, and watch the progress of new GP racer Leon, a young Kerichoan they discovered and adopted while vacationing together.


Mrs. Arrow had accomplished a lot in her life. But the last thing she expected was to become Mrs. Anybody.

Monique L'amoreaux was born into a wealthy family on Earth. Her father is still a powerful businessman in neuroplastics, and her mother was vice president of the Milky Way Federation when Monique was born. As an only child, Monique grew up among servants and nannies, but always with loving interest and support from her parents, who encouraged her interests no matter where they took her.

Monique studied linguistics from an early age and has developed fluency in over 40 different languages. She is the only human to have learned Takoran, which lets her communicate with Octoman in his native tongue. She also enjoys music, and plays several instruments well enough to set in with the Federation orchestra when she's in town.

But her biggest love was always racing. Monique built F-Zero X model cars as a child, and began racing them, with her parents' blessing, at age 14. She grew more and more talented as the years went on.

Monique never gave a thought to a serious relationship until she met Super Arrow. His strong leadership ability and keen business sense might have reminded Monique of her father and mother rolled into one. Monique married Super Arrow, becoming Mrs. Arrow, the president of the F-Zero X racing school.

She is one of the fiercest competitors on the GP circuit, though off the course, she's as sweet and diplomatic as they come. Mrs. Arrow is especially protective of young Leon, a new driver she and her husband have taken under their wings.


The Furikake are a people who emerge from seed pods after many centuries of dormancy. While no one knows the exact age of Gomar and Shioh, the only Furikake in the F-Zero X GP, the Encyclopedia Extragalactica suggests that they must be at least 9000 years old.

All Furikake live and work in pairs. Two people act as one person. When the Furikake marry, one pair marries another pair. Gomar and Shioh, who are themselves still bachelors, certainly seem like only one individual. When Gomar starts to say something, Shioh finishes his sentence. When Shioh needs a glass of water, Gomar is already at the sink.

The F-Zero X GP racing committee, at first, denied their entry into the race, citing rules that only allow one driver per machine. But through some behind-the-scenes lobbying by the EAD Foundation, the committee voted, 9 to 8, to let the Furikake team compete. Strangely, even with two drivers, Gomar and Shioh's Twin Noritta is the lightest machine in the circuit.


Mortimor "Silver" Neelsen has participated in more Grand Prix races than anyone else, but he has yet to win. He's a favorite among fans because he has never missed a race in his career, and he has become what basically amounts to the ultimate underdog.

It's understood among the entire racing world that the day will come when Silver Neelsen will finally start winning races. The gambling world has made an unthinkable amount of money from people betting on when that day will be.

In the meantime, there are some pilots who feel he has become a joke and should be forced to retire. To those who want to learn, Silver Neelsen is a great mentor. Some say you can learn more about racing for the cost of a few drinks and an evening's worth of conversation with Silver Neelsen than you can get in a year's worth of races.

Silver Neelsen stubbornly refuses to embrace the latest racing technology of the newer F-Zero Machines. He believes that, in the end, his experience, refined piloting skill, and patience is all it will take to win the race one day. He may be right.


Michael Chain began driving at a young age when he and his friends had to outrun the police in stolen cars.

Since he lost both his parents at an early age in a drive-by shooting, Michael has always been in a gang. The gang has always been his family. And like in any family, there was a constant struggle for attention. Michael got his from his driving. He constantly represented his gang in races with rival gangs.

Today, he is the leader of the Bloody Chain gang, one of the notorious gangs from the south end of Angelopolis on the planet Mandrill 4. He uses his gang to finance his expenses in the addictive F-Zero X races. Unfortunately, he rarely wins, so members of his gang are slowly beginning to leave. Determined to win them back, he is getting all the more aggressive on the race track.

One of the quirky things about Michael Chain is that when he races, he loves to listen to Heavy Metal and Opera songs at the same time. He says it reminds him of his parents. What he needs to do is figure out a winning combination.


Blood Falcon doesn't know who he is. He's not a cyborg, yet he was created, instead of born, as if he were a cyborg. He's not a human, even though he looks identical to Captain Falcon, the famous bounty hunter. The only person who knows anything about Blood Falcon is Black Shadow, the King of Evil. Talk about an identity crisis.

Black Shadow created Blood Falcon using black magic taught to him by a powerful voodoo shaman. Identical in almost every way to Captain Falcon, Blood Falcon was created to destroy his look-alike.

If Black Shadow has his way, by the end of the F-Zero X GP, there will only be one Falcon left: Blood Falcon.


As an engineering student at the University of Io, John Tanaka studied under Masson Summer, the inventor of the G-Diffuser anti-gravity system.

John incorporated G-Diffuser technology into commercially-available personal robots to create a mechanical flying assistant called J-love-1. As if the name of his creation didn't give it away, it's no secret around the GP that when John Tanaka worked with Professor Summer, he quickly fell in love with Jody Summer, the professor's daughter.

When Professor Summer's ship mysteriously crashed during a routine short flight to Leonid University, John pledged he would look after Jody Summer. The only problem - Jody wishes John Tanaka would just leave her alone.

In many races, you can see John Tanaka's machine, the Wonder Wasp, sticking close to Jody. Sometimes John Tanaka will crash his machine on purpose to protect Jody Summer from other drivers.

Although he doesn't seem particularly interested in winning, his robot companion, J-love-1, wants to win at all costs. J-love-1 is decidedly loyal to John Tanaka, helping him navigate, steer, and make other race decisions.


His full name is Bellonngian Draquillie, but everyone calls him Draq. Like his buddy, Roger Buster, Draq is rumored to be a former transportation ship pilot.

He and Roger used to love watching the F-Zero X races whenever they got the chance. As they drove cargo from planet to planet, they would spend hours dreaming about what it would be like to be pilots in the Grand Prix. As far as they were concerned, there couldn't be a better job.

Then, after waiting over one hundred and thirty years for a shot at the big time, Draq finally got an opportunity he couldn't pass up. Two F-Zero Machines just "fell into their laps" one day.

In spite of his dubious entry into the F-Zero X GP, Draq is probably one of the happiest drivers on the racetrack. He's living his lifelong dream. Afraid that karma may eventually catch up with him and bring it all to an end, he is always on his guard for a threat.

Recently, he's been trying to get to know some of his favorite racers from the old days, like Silver Neelsen and The Skull. Even though he's a pilot now, he's still a huge F-Zero X GP fan.


Roger always wanted to be a pilot in the Grand Prix, but the problem was he couldn't afford his own F-Zero Machine. So, like many others, he was just an avid fan.

As a transportation guru [a modern day truck driver], he had to transport all sorts of cargo from planet to planet. His partner in this line of work was Draq. The story about how they finally made it into the F-Zero X GP is all rumor, speculation, and hearsay, but it's a good one.

It seems that one day, Roger [if that's his real name] and Draq got a call for a transport job in the Bodega System. There were two extremely expensive, brand-new F-Zero Machines that were supposed to be delivered to an unknown GP participant. Supposedly, Draq talked Roger into hijacking the F-Zero Machines and refinishing them so they couldn't be traced back to their original owners. After a year, both Roger and Draq turned up as new pilots at the Academy.

Those who know, say that now that Roger's dream of racing the F-Zero X GP has come true, he just wants to win enough money to pay the people back for his stolen machine.


Dr. Theodore Clash is one of those super genius types that grew up getting straight A's and winning the Science Fairs, but never got the attention from the cute girls that the athletes got. In other words, he's a geek - or, as he likes to refer to himself, a "supertonic geekoid."

He is an atomic scientist, an engineer, an inventor, and a lover of old-time rock-n-roll of Earth.

The one thing Dr. Clash knows about is F-Zero Machines. He holds seventeen patents on F-Zero technology, and has designed and helped build at least eight of the Machines currently running in the F-Zero X Grand Prix.

After years of watching other people get all the glory piloting his Machines, Dr. Clash decided to take matters into his own hands. In his spare time, he built his own F-Zero X Machine, the "Crazy Bear," and then entered himself as a new pilot.

With all his little technological innovations and constant tinkering, he's been able to get an edge on the other drivers. For the first time in his life, he is not only beginning to get some attention... He's beginning to get fan letters.


Very little is known about Black Shadow except this: he is called the King of Evil.

Many would like to see him dead. The trouble is, everyone who has tried to kill Black Shadow has ended up dead. And no one knows for sure whether Black Shadow even CAN be killed. Some think he has already died, like the Skull, and uses black magic to reincarnate himself into more evil forms. Unfortunately, the King of Evil's luck might be running out.

A few years ago, bounty hunter Captain Falcon captured Jay Gonso Snaky, the voodoo chieftain whose spells and potions some say gave Black Shadow his immortality. Snaky was remanded to the total-security Miptorian prison, where he died soon after in the Unionist Riots of 2899. Black Shadow swore revenge upon Captain Falcon and has done all he can to destroy his rival on the GP circuit.

Black Shadow even used the black magic he learned from Gonso Snaky to create an exact replica of Captain Falcon - the Blood Falcon, who looks, talks, and thinks like Captain Falcon with one twist. Captain Falcon shares a piece of Black Shadow's evil heart.

Together, Black Shadow and Blood Falcon will do everything they can to destroy Captain Falcon once and for all.


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