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Jody Summer is the pilot of the White Cat. She is a skilled fighter pilot for the Galactic Space Federation, renowned within the Federation for her ability in combat 24/7.


Before F-Zero X

Jody Summer was a member of the Galactic Space Federation, as a highly regarded fighter pilot in the same unit with her mechanic, John Tanaka.

F-Zero X

When Jody entered the F-Zero X Grand Prix, she was accompanied by John Tanaka. While Jody's goal was to arrest the criminals participating in the races, Tanaka was more concerned for her and wished to protect her.

Although Jody was only a rookie pilot in F-Zero X, she was viewed as a dark horse. She didn't win the F-Zero X Grand Prix, but was commended for her efforts and crowned Miss Galactic Space Federation.

F-Zero X US Manual
Age: 24

Jody is one of the top rookie pilots in the circuit. While Jody doesn’t have much experience, many see her as a dark horse.

Disclaimer: The F-Zero X US manual bios actually don't tell you the whole story. In many cases, the X Manual pilot bios were cut short or VERY simplified in comparison to the Japanese X manual bios. Some crucial content was cut from the JP manual bios and was lost in the translation when it came overseas.

F-Zero X JP Manual
Age: 24

JP: 戦闘機パイロットとして日夜実戦に参加している腕を評価され、銀河宇宙連邦の代表選手に選ばれる。『F-ZERO』マシンの操縦歴はまだ浅いが、グランプリのダークホース的存在として一目置くライバルたちも多い。

English Translation by Sidier: Her skills as a fighter pilot and taking part in real battles the whole time are very valued, leading her to be chosen as representative pilot of the Galactic Space Federation. She still doesn't have a lot of experience as an F-Zero pilot. Yet, as a dark horse of the Grand Prix, she has many rivals who keep an eye on her.

F-Zero GX

Even though she lost to Captain Falcon in the F-Zero X Grand Prix, she still received support from the Galactic Space Federation and was crowned "Miss Galactic Space Federation" for her efforts. As she entered the following year for the GX Grand Prix, John Tanaka, who initially accompanied Jody in the F-Zero X Grand Prix out of concern for her, was then altered to being in love with her by F-Zero GX.

F-Zero GX in-game US Pilot Profile
Sex: Female | Age: 25

Jody Summer is a combat-machine pilot affiliated with the Galactic Space Federation. Her ability is highly regarded and she is recognized as a hero by both her peers and superiors. For these reasons she was chosen as the spokesperson for the Federation.

She wasn’t able to win the last Grand Prix championship but was praised for her bravery and subsequently chosen to be Miss Galactic Space Federation.

She still doesn’t have a great deal of experience as an F-ZERO pilot, but she has an incredible ability to control speed -- that skill alone makes her the target of a great many rivals.[1]

F-Zero GX in-game JP Pilot Profile
Sex: Female | Age: 25

JP: 銀河宇宙連邦軍に所属する女性戦闘機パイロット。実戦での能力を評価され,銀河宇宙連邦の代表選手として選ばれた。前回のグランプリでは優勝を逃したが,その健闘ぶりが讃えられて,ミス銀河宇宙連邦に選ばれた。「F-ZERO」パイロットとしての実績は浅いが,スピードをコントロールするセンスは抜群で,その実力には一目置くライバルも多い。

[Proper English Translation required.]
F-Zero GX US Manual
Sex: Female | Age: 25

The Former Ms. Federation
Jody Summer is a combat fighter pilot representing the Galactic Space Federation. She was crowned Ms. Intergalactic Federation because of her great run in the Grand Prix the previous year. She is not the most experienced F-ZERO pilot, but she’s rated highly by many.

Note: Slight inconsistencies with what is given in the US game bio. She is "MISS GALACTIC SPACE FEDERATION" officially, a title given to her after her participation in the X Grand Prix. Not “Ms. Intergalactic Federation. Her manual title of "The Former Ms. Federation" is also another oddity.

F-Zero GX Story Mode

Jody was featured in F-Zero GX's story mode in Chapter 5, where Captain Falcon rescues her from the overloading power plant in the Lightning Area. After the Blue Falcon escapes the explosion and stops where John Tanaka had been waiting, Falcon assists Jody in walking as Tanaka runs to them to help her. Falcon safely hands Jody over to Tanaka, who is relieved to know she is okay. And despite Jody's weak condition, her machine, the White Cat, is seen at the F-Zero GX Grand Prix in Chapter 7.

F-Zero GX Interviews

Jody Summer's autograph in F-Zero GX.

Jody Summer's Cosmic Dance


F-Zero GX- Jody Summer Pilot Profile Movie -HD-

Jody Summer's Master Pilot video in F-Zero GX.

Upon beating any Grand Prix on Master mode with the White Cat, it will unlock a special video for Jody Summer, which also features her theme song.

Jody is seen performing her 'Cosmic Dance,' reminiscent of rhythmic gymnastics. Her appearance differs slightly from her in-game model as she has stylized shoes barely similar to her X appearance, instead of near knee-high boots, and also appears to have her hair tied in a low ponytail. As she happily dances among a backdrop of the galaxy, she eventually concludes her performance. However, one of the orbs comes loose from her baton and bounces off of her head. Jody takes a moment to process it, but simply sticks her tongue out at the camera in a lighthearted manner and smiles.

Other Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Series

Outside of F-Zero, Jody is featured as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee up to Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & Wii U. She has also been referenced in each Smash Bros. game through one of Captain Falcon's alt colors.

She is also a Support Spirit in the World of Light Adventure mode for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Melee
An ex-fighter pilot, Jody brings her skills to the F-Zero Grand Prix as an ambassador of the interstellar regime. Her machine, the White Cat, is not built for strength or endurance. However, it's incredibly light and has excellent traction. A good match for beginners, the White Cat's a solid all-around racer.

Note: Melee uses the term "ex-fighter pilot" despite the fact Jody is still part of the Galactic Space Federation and is regarded as a fighter pilot in the present tense in many of her official bios. Her F-Zero career did not overtake her original occupation.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
A racer affiliated with the Galactic Space Federation. Jody Summer was highly regarded for her skills and chosen as the Federation race representative for entry into F-Zero. Although unable to secure victory in F-Zero X, Jody was chosen as Miss Galactic Space Federation. Her machine, the White Cat (#02), excels in grip strength and handling.

Super Smash Bros. For 3DS & Wii U

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & Wii U
(US): Though her aim in the Grand Prix is to arrest the dangerous criminals among the other racers, that doesn't stop her trying to win. As a fighter pilot for the Galactic Space Federation, her skills are clear despite her lack of racing experience, and she can take on even the most technical of courses in her sleek White Cat.
JP (English Translation by Sidier): So as to arrest dangerous criminals who gather at the Grand Prix, that's the reason she brings up as to why she became a racer. And when it comes to racing, she obviously aims to win. She's used to riding in the Galactic Space Federation's fighters, and while she has little racing experience, her piloting sense is excellent. She uses her favorite machine, the White Cat, and splendidly beats technical courses with it too.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Jody Summer is a Spirit that can be encountered during World Of Light.
Puppet Fighter: Zero Suit Samus with Captain Falcon.
Conditions: Defeat the main fighter to win. The enemy’s dash attacks have increased power. The enemy can deal damage by dashing into you.
Class: Ace.
Type: Support (Fought as a Shield Spirit).
Effect: Gravity-Change Immunity.
Cost: 2 Slots.
Possible References: Given their ambiguous relationship or whatever is implied in John Tanaka's Master Pilot video from F-Zero GX, Captain Falcon being a minion fighter may be a reference to that moment. Though, Falcon did rescue Jody in GX during Chapter 5.

Tanaka is not a Spirit, but they probably would've had the Falcon minion accompany Jody in a different palette color if Tanaka was a Spirit. Then again, Falcon is using his Jody-based palette here, which consists primarily of a white suit. Tanaka also has a primarily white suit.

Conditions may also reference her machine stats and how F-Zero machines collide with one another to cause damage. Her puppet form is possibly Zero Suit Samus due to Jody’s cosmic dance from her Master Pilot video in F-Zero GX, which may resemble one of Samus’ twirl taunt with her paralyzer, but mainly because (lack of fitting female Smash characters but also) Jody is part of the Galactic Space Federation and Samus was formerly associated with a Galactic Federation in the Metroid universe.



  • She is one of the series' first female characters, if not the actual first female character designed for the series.
  • Though little of her personality is shown in F-Zero X, F-Zero GX seems to have toned her down to make her appear more feminine and less bold.
  • Her rivalry with Octoman may stem from the conflict between the Galactic Space Federation and the planet Takora.
  • In the US F-Zero GX manual and the Nintendo Power F-Zero GX Player's Guide, she is strangely referred to by the title of "The Former Ms. Federation." Within the US F-Zero GX manual, her bio refers to her as "Ms. Intergalactic Federation." Both of these names may have been translation errors, as they contradict her proper title of "Miss Galactic Space Federation" from her in-game F-Zero GX pilot profile.
  • In her F-Zero GX Master Pilot video, Jody seems to be performing some sort of rhythmic gymnastics, specifically a type that usually includes a ribbon attached to a handle. In the case of her "cosmic dance," Jody has a stick with small orbs attached in a string or ribbon-like manner. Her hair also appears to be tied.
  • It is speculated that Jody Summer may or may not have a relationship with Captain Falcon, due to John Tanaka's Master pilot video in F-Zero GX. Speculations range from pretending in order to dissuade John Tanaka from pursuing Jody romantically, a one-sided crush on Falcon from Jody's end, just another one of the jokes in the Master videos, a cliché of where the damsel in distress falls for the hero, or a legit relationship. The series has never acknowledged Jody and Falcon's alleged romantic connection in any other instance outside of this instance.
    • However, there are notable issues with the possibility of a real relationship as Falcon and Jody have never had any sort of chemistry nor known interactions, with very minor exceptions. Those exceptions are when she told him and Samurai Goroh to "Move it, old men!" in the back of the F-Zero X box art when she raced by them, Falcon very briefly rescuing her in the GX Chapter 5 Story Mode and handing her over to Tanaka, and Jody holding Falcon's arm and walking with him as she ignores John Tanaka in the latter's Master pilot video in F-Zero GX.
    • Although the Anime and its contents have nothing to do with the Main side of the F-Zero series, the Anime incarnation of Captain Falcon is an entirely different person from the Main side Captain Falcon, but he (Anime incarnation) is the older brother of the Anime incarnation of Jody Summer.

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  1. F-Zero GX in-game US Pilot Profiles

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