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Kate Alen is the pilot of the Super Piranha. As famous songstress and dancer, she has performed the opening ceremonies for the F-Zero Grand Prix several times, even before the three year suspension preceding F-Zero X.


Before F-Zero X

Kate Alen was a renowned singer and dancer, even chosen to perform the opening ceremony of the F-Zero Grand Prix in the past.

She had also performed at an outdoor concert at Red Canyon before the F-Zero X Grand Prix, but within the same year.

But despite her career, Kate had been captivated by the speed and thrill of F-Zero. She then poured a vast amount of her fortune into commissioning Team Power Voice to build her an F-Zero machine, the Super Piranha.

F-Zero X

F-Zero X US manual
Age: 29

This popular singer and dancer has decided to try her hand at racing. She will debut this season.[1]

F-Zero X JP manual
Age: 29

Kate Alen (JP): 過去数回に渡って、『F-ZERO』開会式でオープニングソングを歌うという大役を務めた超人気歌手。その激しいダンスは多くの人々を魅了した。類いまれな運動神経を生かし、ついに念願のパイロットとしてデビュー。[2]

Kate Alen (English Translation by Sidier): She's a very popular songstress that has sung the opening song of the F-Zero competitions opening ceremonies several times. Her intense dance has captivated many. She made use of her excellent reflexes to become a pilot, which was her wish, and made her debut in the competition.[3]

She made her racing debut in the F-Zero X Grand Prix, having placed her musical career as secondary to her new F-Zero career, but she did not win.

F-Zero GX

She returned for the GX Grand Prix, continuing to put F-Zero before her musical career, but she still performs the opening ceremonies.

F-Zero GX US in-game Pilot Profile
Sex: F | Age: 30

Kate is the megastar singer who was chosen to sing at the opening ceremonies of the past several F-ZERO Grand Prix races. Her fans are wild about her powerful dance moves and soulful vocals.

Completely alurred by the extreme speed of the race, Kate chose to pursue F-ZERO racing rather than continue furthering her musical career. Taking full advantage of her sense of rhythm and athleticism, she plans to run a rambunctious race.[4]

F-Zero GX JP in-game Pilot Profile
Sex: F | Age: 30

Kate Alen (JP): 過去数回,「F-ZERO」開会式でオープニングソングを歌ったこともある超人気歌手。激しいダンスと迫力のある歌声で,多くの人々を魅了している。「F-ZERO」を観戦し続け,その極限のスピードに完全に魅せられてしまった彼女は歌うことよりも,「F-ZERO」パイロットとして走ることを選んだ。その類まれなリズム感と運動神経を生かして,過酷なレースに挑む。[5]

[Proper English Translation required.]

F-Zero GX US manual
Sex: F | Age: 30

Kate has been chosen once again to sing at the opening ceremony of the F-Zero Grand Prix. With her dance moves and soulful vocals, she consistently tops the charts. Taking full advantage of her sense of rhythm and athleticism, she plans to take home the prize.[6]

F-Zero GX Interviews

Kate Alen's autograph in F-Zero GX.

Wild Super Model Kate Alen


F-Zero GX- Kate Alen Pilot Profile Movie -HD-

Kate Alen's Master Pilot video in F-Zero GX.

Upon beating any Grand Prix on Master mode with the Super Piranha, it will unlock a special video for Kate Alen, which also features her theme song.

Kate Alen can be seen dancing in the spotlight as the camera changes to a view of her backside. As her theme song kicks in, the scene reveals a catwalk. Kate walks the fashion runway, and it isn't long before she is seen in various outfits of different colors (dark blue, red, green, light blue, light green), along with what appear to be multiple versions of her all at once. Cameras in the background flash as each Kate passes by, until two Kates walk back to the entrance, followed by who is assumed to be the real Kate Alen in her familiar orange F-Zero attire. She poses with a smile at the entrance, tilting her head to the side as the video ends.



  • The Nintendo Power F-Zero GX Player's Guide mistakenly translated her machine designer's name as "Team Power Boys." It should actually be "Team Power Voice."
  • In her GX interview, when asked what she was doing "one year ago," she says "Performing at an outdoor concert at Red Canyon. Who would've thought I'd end up here?" This line implies this concert took place in the same year as the F-Zero X Grand Prix, but before it.
  • In her GX Master Pilot video, she walks the fashion runway, but numerous copies of herself appear at some point.
  • Kate is one of the few pilots in to not appear in the F-Zero GX Story Mode cutscenes. However, she does appear in-game during the Chapter 7 F-Zero GX Grand Prix.


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