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For lore pertaining to the Anime Universe (F-Zero Farukon Densetsu, F-Zero GP Legend, F-Zero Climax, and other anime related content), see Anime Universe Lore.

This has nothing to do with the Anime Universe. This page only pertains to F-Zero (SNES), BS F-Zero Grand Prix 1 & 2 (though the BS games actually have nothing to offer in terms of lore), F-Zero X, F-Zero GX/AX, and F-Zero Maximum Velocity.

F-Zero Main Universe Lore

20th and 21st Centuries

Despite the initial fear of aliens in the latter half of 20th century,[1] the assimilation of mankind and alien life led to an expansion of trade, technology, and cultural exchange at some point in time between the 20th century and the 26th century.[1] In between this time, there had also been the F1 (Formula 1) races,[1] popular in the 20th and 21st centuries as sports entertainment.[1]

There is also another point to mention in between the 20th and 26th centuries, that specifically takes place in the 24th century.


A racing competition, like F1 of the 20th and 21st centuries, had been risen in the 24th century.[2] This 24th century competition known as F-MAX, was a predecessor of the F-ZERO competition that would begin nearly two centuries later.[2] The F-MAX Grand Prix races featured the pilot who would become known as The Skull, when he was once alive.[3] He had been regarded as a legendary driver in F-MAX until his death.[3]

  • (It is possible that the Skull may have died at the age of 40 in the 24th century, due to the fact he rose from the grave 200 years after death at the age of 240 for the 26th century F-Zero X Grand Prix. The cause of death my have been in an F-MAX racing accident, if his GX interviews imply anything.
  • This possibility of an F-MAX related accident is NOT related to the non-canon Horrific Grand Finale mentioned in the Nintendo of America F-Zero X website bios that heavily contradict canon and official F-Zero content, and were believed to have been extensions of English F-Zero X manual bios which cut content found in the original JP F-Zero X manual bios. The website bios contradict the JP F-Zero X manual bios as well.

Fast forward to two centuries later, as rich wealthy space merchants grew bored of their lifestyles and decided they wanted a form of racing entertainment that would provide enlightenment.[1]


The wealthy space merchants then created a race competition of their own, in 2560.[1] (2560s in SNES JP manual.) However, during the first Grand Prix, spectators were not a fan of the dangers implemented by the race committee.[1] These spectators would soon change their mind, quickly growing fond of the dangers of what was to be known as F-ZERO.[1] Among the many participants of these F-Zero races, there were four notable pilots: Captain Falcon, Dr. Stewart, Pico, and Samurai Goroh.[1]

  • Note: Though it is not confirmed for certain, (even through the wording of the SNES manual's introduction and the SNES manual's comic) the F-Zero Grand Prix seen in the SNES manual's comic and playable throughout the SNES game, is probably not the first F-Zero Grand Prix.
  • It is also not confirmed if the SNES Grand Prix could have possibly taken place in the same year as the first F-Zero Grand Prix, albeit after it.

The Huge F-Zero Accident

  • Note: This part connects to an event mentioned in F-Zero X and F-Zero GX. But F-Zero X (the game and its contents in the manual) seems to disregard SNES content to an extent, however. It is not confirmed if F-Zero X is still bridged to the SNES game, due to many oddities in lore, pilot profiles, and more. It is possible.

At some point, an accident occurred during an F-Zero Grand Prix.[3]

It was said that Pico’s reckless driving caused the accident,[4] and numerous racers were injured.[3] The accident was on a large scale, to the point of where a pilot named Mighty Gazelle nearly died, and had to be revived as a cyborg.[3] Captain Falcon was also hospitalized.[4] Despite the chaos, it was thanks to Dr. Stewart's medical skills that there no casualties during the accident.[4]

But F-Zero races would be suspended for three years.[3]

While hospitalized, Captain Falcon's DNA (presumably a blood sample but never directly stated) was stolen and then used by Black Shadow to create and evil clone named Blood Falcon.[4] Black Shadow's organization, BS Group, would also be responsible for stealing the Blue Falcon's sub engine.

An entire F-Zero racing team (Team Shooting Star) had disbanded after the accident, then turned up as missing sometime during the suspension period. There were also several missing pilots, and in every investigation held by the Space Time Police (the Time Patrol),[4] Deathborn was the primary suspect in the case of the disappearances.[4]

F-Zero X

Three years after the suspension of the F-Zero Grand Prix races, the F-Zero Committee F-Zero X Grand Prix was held. Many F-Zero veteran racers returned, but the F-Zero X Grand Prix had also brought in several new rookie pilots. Among a total of 30 pilots for the Grand Prix, this even included the King of Evil, known as Black Shadow, accompanied by Captain Falcon’s evil clone; Blood Falcon, who was made after the accident in the same year it occurred,[4] from the Captain’s stolen DNA.[4] The Skull from F-MAX would also rise from the grave to compete for the F-Zero X GP, 200 years after his death.[3] Some other pilots are said to have previous experience with F-Zero, such as Mrs. Arrow, Michael Chain, and Silver Neelsen.[3]

Captain Falcon would win the X Grand Prix.[5]

F-Zero GX

One year after the F-Zero X Grand Prix, the GX Grand Prix opened up. All of the 30 pilots from F-Zero X would make a return to compete for the prize,[5] but also with 10 new pilots in the mix.

F-Zero GX Story Mode

The champion of the Underworld F-Zero, Deathborn, is introduced. Black Shadow fears him, and has to work for him in securing the F-Zero GX Grand Prix champion belt. Meanwhile, Captain Falcon has been more than eager to get another title after his victory in the F-Zero X Grand Prix the previous year, and sets his eyes on the F-Zero GX Grand Prix. But the life of a bounty hunting racer does not seem to be quite easy. He faced many obstacles on his way to the Grand Prix, and almost died thanks to Black Shadow.

Upon Falcon winning the F-Zero GX Grand Prix, Deathborn arrived to punish Black Shadow for his failure to secure the belt, then challenged Captain Falcon to a race in the Underworld. The following day, in the Underworld, Deathborn revealed that there are two universal forces of light and dark, each respectively condensed into a champion belt of normal F-ZERO and one of Underworld F-ZERO. When combined, they form one belt called the Ultimate Champion’s Belt, which grants the wearer to have control over the universe.

Deathborn, as the Creator’s greatest creation, wants to determine life across the galaxy as he sees fit, and Falcon won’t allow him to doom the universe. They race and Falcon wins. But he still couldn't catch a break even at his own hideout, as The Creator (who was actually composed of 3 beings adorned in Gold & Silver & Bronze, who referred to themselves as one), came out of the Ultimate Champions' Belt, revealing that they created the F-Zero universe and they also stated that there are no universal forces. (JP text seems to say that the universal forces are not within the Ultimate Champion’s Belt, but the HOLDER of the belt.)

They then challenged Falcon to a race. If Falcon lost, his soul would be forfeited over and he would become the Creator's puppet. But Falcon ultimately won, and The Creator was sent spiraling out of existence, never to be seen again. Falcon removed his helmet in the end and headed further into his hideout.

F-Zero Maximum Velocity

A quarter of a century (25 years) after “Captain Falcon and Dr. Stewart… piloted their way to fame,” the F-Zero Maximum Velocity Grand Prix began. (And even though MV came after X in chronological release order, MV doesn't acknowledge X's establishments.)

Due to the nature of F-Zero races, the danger was starting to turn people away from it and races were declining. When the rich space merchants who started up F-Zero were starting to realize that the wonders of expanding commerce across the galaxy came with the price of being attacked by space pirates, they decided to bail out and focus on defending their own territories. Such an action put many people out of work, but led them to take on a last resort option; Becoming F-Zero pilots. This would reignite the spark of F-Zero.

The original pilots from the SNES era have retired and new pilots have come in. One pilot in particular claims to have blood ties to Captain Falcon. Allegedly (according to Nintendo Power and only Nintendo Power, and no other known source of F-Zero Maximum Velocity information in English nor Japanese) Dr. Stewart designed another pilot's machine.


  • F-Zero AX is an arcade port of GX with some alterations (Original SNES 4 and the 10 AX pilots only being selectable), but AX pilots are unlockable in GX. Pilots can be interviewed in GX and even have their own pilot videos that can be unlocked when completing Master runs with their machines.
    • It’s heavily implied that only Captain Falcon’s interviews (either all of his interviews or any single one) and GX Master pilot video are canon. (Even if most of them imply having to do with being on movie sets.)
      • This heavy implication stems from Captain Falcon winning the F-Zero GX Grand Prix in the story mode. However, the F-Zero GX Story Mode is speculated to be either an actual event in the Main Universe, or a movie due to various Master Pilot videos being hinted to be on movie sets and Black Shadow's Master Pilot video containing bloopers of the prologue cutscene.
  • F-Zero Maximum Velocity seems more connected to F-Zero (SNES), and doesn't acknowledge F-Zero X's pilots or much of the establishments of F-Zero X.
    • Two F-Zero Maximum Velocity pilots have possible ties to two of the SNES pilots.
      • Only Nintendo Power says that Dr. Stewart designed Blitz Wagner’s machine and that Kent Akechi claims to be the son of Captain Falcon.
      • Note about Blitz’s machine, the Silver Thunder: Game manuals do not say this nor have Blitz in it, nor does the VERY FAST PILOT MANUAL mention anything about Dr. Stewart connected to Blitz Wagner. Also keep in mind that Nintendo Power also said Megan was a definite karate expert which seems to be true according to the JP manual, but it is only said to be “rumored” in the English manual and the VERY FAST PILOT MANUAL guidebook.
      • Note about Kent Akechi: The F-Zero for Gameboy Advance Very Fast Pilot Manual Guide says Kent Akechi claims to have Captain Falcon’s blood running through his veins. Not anything specific. The kanji for “blood” is used in the JP text.


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