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The F-Zero Main Universe Timeline

Event Time
F-MAX 24th Century, a predecessor of F-Zero by 200 years.
F-Zero's creation and the first F-Zero Grand Prix Year 2560 or the 2560s. (English manual says 2560. JP manual says 2560s)
The F-Zero Grand Prix (Seen in the SNES manual's comic and in the game) Unknown time. Wording within the SNES manual and comic implies it is not the first Grand Prix. (It may be possible that it took place in the same year, albeit after it happened.)
The Huge F-Zero Accident Three years before the F-Zero X Grand Prix.
F-ZERO suspension period Lasted three years, called for immediately after the huge accident happened.
F-ZERO X Three years after the huge accident.
F-ZERO GX/AX One year after F-Zero X Grand Prix.
F-ZERO Maximum Velocity Quarter of a century since Captain Falcon and Dr. Stewart (and probably the other SNES pilots at least) made a mark for themselves. (So 25 years after SNES F-Zero.)
The F-Zero Grand Prix continues to exist. 29th Century, Phoenix states F-Zero still exists, albeit in a different form.