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Misaki Haruka (also known as Miss Killer in her brainwashed state) is the current owner of the Falcon House, and is Ryu Suzaku's fiancee (or wife) by the end of the anime in the year 2207.

As Miss Killer (Luna Ryder in the English Dub), she was the pilot of the Moon Shadow, and was formerly associated with Dark Million as Black Shadow's loyal subordinate.


Misaki Haruka is a young adult Japanese American woman with black hair and light purple eyes.

  • (Climax says she is 20, but the anime subs say 21 in 2051 and thus 2201. If the anime subs are correct, then she would then become 22 in 2202, then 27 in 2207.)

She was seen in mostly three outfits in the past; A short light green dress for her race queen attire (seen with a yellow coat over it at times) with white boots, a pink and orange outfit with white fuzzy accents, and a dark green trench coat with a black outfit underneath.

As Miss Killer, she wore a pink outfit underneath grey armor and wore a purple sash on her waist. She also had another outfit for her 'Sofia / Sophia' disguises, consisting of a green outfit.


As Misaki Haruka, she was an upbeat and supportive girlfriend to Ryu, who she loved dearly. But after his accident, she became colder and vengeful, going as far as to disregard the advice of her friend Rose, in order to pursue Zoda.

As Miss Killer, she was a cold and cunning assassin, with a sadistic nature. Upon regaining her memories, however, she became confused and frustrated with herself, eventually feeling guilty for her actions. She even threatened to kill herself in Lap 50 in front of Ryu, claiming she was no longer the woman he loved. Her cold demeanor faded as her state of vulnerability, as she couldn't bring herself to face Zoda nor Black Shadow.

By the end of the series, she returned to her upbeat personality.


F-Zero Farukon Densetsu (Anime)


Misaki Haruka, seen in the first Lap during a flashback.

Born and raised in New York, Misaki Haruka was once a famous F1 race queen from the years 2047-2051.[1] Her father was a diplomat and her mother was a fashion designer, both of which were Japanese.[1] As a race queen, she was introduced to F1 racer Ryu Suzaku, by a friend named Rose.[2] Gradually, Ryu and Haruka grew close and eventually formed a relationship.[2] Haruka often came around as a light in the dark tunnel for Ryu when he would lose races, and also showing up to congratulate him for the times he did win.[2]

Haruka, waiting for Ryu by the bridge in the Lap 01 flashback.

Unbeknownst to her, Ryu was planning to propose to her. They had arranged a date, and she waited for him by a lakeside park in New York.[3] However, she was unaware that Ryu had gotten into an accident upon pursuing a criminal named Zoda, who had recently broke out of prison. Rose contacted her, and Haruka made her way to where Ryu's coldsleep operation was underway. Haruka only managed to catch a final glimpse of Ryu before his coldsleep pod would seal up, obscuring him from her view.

After Ryu's accident, she quit being a race queen.[2] She desired revenge on Zoda and pursued him to the East Bank against Rose's wishes. Aiming the gun at Zoda and outright declaring her planned vengeance for Ryu, Haruka would be caught in the freeze trap set up by the New York police, meant for Zoda.[2] She was revived 150 years later as Black Shadow's subordinate in Dark Million.[4]


In the year 2201, she was revived from coldsleep and brainwashed into being Black Shadow’s right-hand woman in Dark Million.[4] As one of his most loyal followers, she would often be the one to put in the most work when Zoda would come up short.


Debuting in Lap 8, her machine, the Moon Shadow, was seen before the pilot herself.[4] She was then seen within Black Shadow's throne room as a robed figure accompanied by The Skull.[4] She posed as a woman named 'Sofia / Sophia,' who had defected from Dark Million, in which the Elite Mobile Task Force sent Ryu Suzaku to meet with her. The Skull, placing a hex on Ryu from afar, would allow 'Sofia / Sophia' to approach Ryu and reveal her true identity as Miss Killer.[4] Miss Killer would then attempt to kill Ryu but would get distracted by the glimmer of the engagement ring in the moonlight.[4] She made her escape after breaking through the window of Ryu's window.[4]



Miss Killer would end up manipulating Super Arrow to engage in the Sandwich Burst technique to allow her to get the lead in a race during Lap 16.[5] However, after Mrs. Arrow showed up to help Ryu with another Sandwich Burst, both the Dragon Bird and Moon Shadow were eventually are led off the track by a sandstorm. As Ryu confronted Miss Killer about manipulating Super Arrow, a Dark Million ship arrived to pick up the Moon Shadow and its pilot, leaving Ryu with the sound of Miss Killer's evil laughter in the distance as the Dark Million ship left.

When the 2202 Ladies Race was brought to her attention, Miss Killer kidnapped Lisa Brilliant, Mrs. Arrow (and Super Arrow), and Kate Alen. However, the captives were eventually freed by Samurai Goroh and his bandit crew. After the intensity of the race kicked up, leading to disqualifications due to warfare, Miss Killer's machine was blasted off the track by the Galaxy Runner's cannon (activated by Jody Summer). Miss Killer was then retrieved by a Dark Million ship and fled the scene.

When Miss Killer's memories of being Misaki Haruka resurfaced as a result of Zoda’s Reactor Might,[6] Black Shadow saw no further use for her.[7] Thus, Miss Killer was disposed of. Her rescue would be a major plot point towards the very end of the series.

After Samurai Goroh and his bandits fought off Dark Million to buy time for Ryu to reunite with Haruka, Haruka was abducted by Black Shadow just as the pair was about to reach a moment of closure.[7]

But thanks to the efforts of the Mobile Task Force and their allies such as Captain Falcon, Samurai Goroh, and Lisa Brilliant, Haruka got her happy ever after with Ryu. At some point after everything, Haruka was seen accepting Ryu's ring proposal at last.[8]


Misaki Haruka, as seen in the final episode as the new manger of the Falcon House.

In 2207, she is even seen at the Falcon House where she currently works as its new manager,[8] when Ryu is racing as the new Captain Falcon.[8] Ryu and Haruka are at least engaged, if not married, at this point.[8]

F-Zero GP Legend (GBA game)


In the F-Zero GP Legend GBA game, Haruka is a playable character as Miss Killer (though the game uses her real name), and her machine, the Moon Shadow. She is not featured in the Story Mode.

F-Zero Climax

F-Zero Climax
FZCMissKiller.png Miss Killer (JP): 150年前のリュウの恋人、ハルカにウリ二つのダークミリオンの殺し屋。

ブラックシャドーのお気に入りの部下でもあり、ゾーダと対立している。 彼女が本当にハルカなのかどうかは、最後に明らかにされるだろう。

[Proper English Translation required.]


Upon looking VERY closely, the details of Haruka from Lap 17 can be read, revealing how long she had been a race queen and other things.


  • She slightly resembles Kumiko, a pilot from F-Zero Maximum Velocity.
  • Her English dub name, Luna Ryder, might be a reference to her personal machine, the Moon Shadow.
  • Haruka's personal details can be viewed to an extent during Lap 17, if one pays close attention and enhances the information on Clank Hughes's screen.


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