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Ryu Suzaku (Rick Wheeler in the English Dub) is the pilot of the Dragon Bird, and is the protagonist of the F-Zero Farukon Densetsu (F-Zero GP Legend) anime.

In the past, Ryu was a former New York police detective, as well as an F1 racer, until he met his untimely demise during a chase with Zoda in the year 2051. He also had a girlfriend named Misaki Haruka, who he would later re-encounter and rekindle his relationship with after she defected from Dark Million and her Miss Killer persona.

He would eventually pilot his own variation of the Blue Falcon after he became the next Captain Falcon, following the death of his predecessor, Andy Summer.


Ryu Suzaku is a young adult with auburn hair, thick bushy eyebrows, and dull blue eyes. His outfit is usually composed of a blue jean jacket, a red and white undershirt, red fingerless gloves, burgundy pants with kneepads, and blue boots with red accents.

Upon becoming the next Captain Falcon, he wears an outfit very similar to his predecessor, but is notably younger and thinner in comparison.


F-Zero Farukon Densetsu (Anime)


Ryu's farm life.

Despite growing up in New York, Ryu was actually born on a farm in Boston, Massachusetts, and had a dog named Axel.[1] Ryu’s father was a racer, but his mother was sick and was cared for by Ryu as he grew.[1]

At some point, he became a New York police officer and an F1 racer. Through a fellow officer and friend named Rose, Ryu met Misaki Haruka, a race queen for F1. Though Ryu did not always win races, Haruka was there to lift his spirits and encourage him. The two slowly fell in love.


Ryu planned to propose to his girlfriend, Misaki Haruka, but was called to duty by the sudden prison break of Zoda. In the pursuit, Ryu suffered an accident as Zoda flung his car door through Ryu's windshield. In order to save Ryu's life, he was placed in coldsleep for 150 years.

Unbeknownst to him, Haruka would go out of her way to confront Zoda, unintentionally causing all three to go into coldsleep.


After Ryu's accident in 2051, he would awaken from coldsleep 150 years later in the year 2201. This was originally meant to be in the year 2251, but Jody Summer urged Dr. Stewart to use his skills to have Ryu awaken earlier.

Ryu would wake up in a whole new setting, and would adjust to living in the future, while also learning that his past had actually caught up with him in the form of his old nemesis, Zoda. He would also have to deal with a woman who looked very similar to his old girlfriend, Misaki Haruka. He embraced his role as a member of the Elite Mobile Task Force after recognizing Zoda in a news broadcast.

Ryu also grew close with the owner of the Falcon House ('Bart Lemming'), viewing him as a mentor. At some point, Ryu even worked at the Falcon House, but his cooking made Jack Levin and Clank Hughes sick.


Ryu eventually found out that 'Bart Lemming' was actually Jody Summer's brother, Andy Summer, and that Andy had also been Captain Falcon. He was also informed about the Legend of Falcon, thanks to Dr. Stewart. It also wouldn't be long before he found out that his old girlfriend, Misaki Haruka, was brainwashed into becoming Miss Killer.

Additionally, Ryu would come to find out the secrets of his machine, the Dragon Bird. The Dragon Bird would then receive modifications to allow for another Reactor Might, granting Ryu the ability to use a stronger Boost Fire.

During the final battle against Dark Million, Ryu played a vital role in overloading the Dark Matter Reactor through the use of the Dragon Bird's two Reactor Mights. Andy Summer passed his title of Captain Falcon down to Ryu and sacrificed himself, taking Black Shadow down with him.

When the Dark Matter Reactor was destroyed, Ryu and his machine were recovered from the wreckage, but as the Task Force questioned him about Andy's status and whereabouts, Ryu tearfully said "Captain Falcon saved the galaxy."


Ryu Suzaku as Captain Falcon at the end of Lap 51, the final episode in the F-Zero Farukon Densetsu anime.

By the end of the series, Ryu became the next Captain Falcon. The title was passed onto Ryu by Andy Summer shortly before the latter’s fatal Falcon Punch in the year 2202. Ryu is also at least engaged to Misaki Haruka if not married by the year 2207, while she currently runs the Falcon House.

F-Zero GP Legend (GBA game)

F-Zero GP Legend Manual
FZGPLRyuSuzaku.png Rick Wheeler

(US): This pilot has been resurrected in the year 2201 after 150 years of silence. The reason for this is not solely to race in F-ZERO Grand Prix races—he seems to have several ulterior motives behind his desire to win.

(PAL): The pilot who was revived in 2201 after a 150-year sleep. Look out for him in various settings, not just the F-ZERO Grand Prix.

In the F-Zero GP Legend GBA game, Ryu (named Rick in the English version) is a playable character with his machine, the Dragon Bird. He is also featured as a Story Mode character.

F-Zero GP Legend Story Mode

Due to the game being released only 8 episodes into the anime's original JP airtime, and the game being loosely based on the anime, the Story Mode is not canon.

F-Zero Climax

F-Zero Climax Pilot Profile
FZCRyuSuzaku.png Ryu Suzaku (JP): 高機動小隊の一員、リュウのライバルでもある。

元々はストリートミュージシャンか、暴走族。 ジョディにその歌の才能・・・ではなくドライビングテクニックを買われ、入隊を決意する。 女好きだが、本当はジョディのことをおもっている?[2]

[Proper English Translation required.]



  • During Lap 4, Ryu mentions that he often spent time in hospitals. This is most likely connected to the fact that his mother had an illness.
  • Ryu and Clank Hughes share the same birthday, July 28.


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